Fire Eagle: Open to Fly

Earlier today the Fire Eagle team at Yahoo! Brickhouse opened the Fire Eagle location platform to the public. What does that mean?

Until today access to the Fire Eagle project had been limited to developers with invitation codes. Now anyone can log in and use the exciting applications that have been built. If you are a developer, you can now log in to develop applications based on location without a special invite code, or you can try out some of the existing apps. The only thing you need to get started is a Yahoo! ID.

You can see the official launch announcement on the Yahoo! Next blog and read more about Location, location location on Yodel Anecdotal.

If you haven't heard about Fire Eagle till now, it's a location brokering service that allows you to manage how your location is shared with friends or applications. Fire Eagle provides a way for you to let applications update your location and let other applications access that information. You can control which applications can update your location and how much detail other applications can see. For example you might use a GPS unit to update your exact location, but only share the particular city you are in with the applications.

You can read more developer and user documentation on the Fire Eagle web site.

Tom Hughes-Croucher
Yahoo! Developer Network