Extend Your Publishing Reach with JS-Kit + Yahoo! Updates

Today, we're excited to announce a collaboration between Yahoo! and JS-Kit, a leading distributed social network connecting more than 600,000 sites across the Web, including AOL, Evite, Experian, JetBlue, Sun Microsystems, and WorldNow. Through this integration, JS-Kit is making it easy for their vast network of publishers to benefit from the power of Yahoo! Updates. Eventually, each story a publisher sends to the Yahoo! Updates feed will benefit from referral traffic to Yahoo!'s most popular sites: Yahoo! Messenger, Yahoo! Mail, Yahoo! Toolbar, Profiles, and more.

According to JS-Kit CEO, Khris Loux, "JS-Kit is excited to be working with Yahoo! to add this new functionality for our publishers. By leveraging Yahoo!'s Social Directory API and Updates API we're giving our customers a powerful way to improve the user experience of their communities and sites, as well as to tap into Yahoo!'s global audience." JS-Kit?s Comments widget now lets users publish stories to their Yahoo! Updates feed and bring their Yahoo! identity with them on various sites. The updates feed will be displayed on many of Yahoo!'s most popular pages and shared with users' friend connections on Yahoo!.

Here's how it works: Integration with the Social Directory API allows JS-Kit to display a user?s Yahoo! nickname and avatar picture on the site. Integration with the Updates API allows JS-Kit to publish an item to the Yahoo! Updates feed when a user adds a comment to a web site powered by JS-Kit. At all times, your users remain in control of their data by leveraging OAuth to broker data access between Yahoo! and JS-Kit.

Yahoo! Updates allow publishers (and publishing partners like JS-Kit), to syndicate user-generated actions (ratings, reviews, comments, favorites, and uploads) to Yahoo!'s massive global distribution network. In the coming months, as Updates are implemented across Yahoo!, publishers will enjoy referral traffic back to their sites from across the Yahoo! Network (more than 500M+ monthly unique visitors).

To learn more about how the Yahoo! Open Strategy extends your reach as a publisher, visit the Updates API page. You can also check out JS-Kit's integration, live on all sites powered by JS-Kit Comments widgets, including Guy Kawasaki, Sun Microsystems, and WorldNow.

Greg Cohn
Director, Business Development
Yahoo! Open Strategy