Evolution of the web, VIM cheat sheet, KendoUI, Where is the fold?, Beautiful Code, Ugly JS

The evolution of the web.

iOS Frameworks is a curated catalog of iOS frameworks and classes for the pragmatic iOS developer.

Things you have to consider when designing for mobile.

Vim cheat sheet for programmers.

KendoUI, a framework for HTML5 UI.

See where the fold is on your website.

Playing Tetris to create a Luigi.

Collection of useful code snippets for web developers.

Making your code as beautiful as the design itself.

A tutorial on building a rocket launcher in Unity3D by Jate Wittayabundit.

Ugly JS, a site featuring poorly written JavaScript code.

10 games you wouldn't believe are made with JavaScript.

Ripple, a multi-platform mobile environment emulator allowing you to test and debug your HTML5 mobile applications for multiple platforms.