Double Dose of Tech Thursday

Screenfly allows you to view your website on a variety of device screens and resolutions.

A list of Open Data websites around the world.

Learning agile software development using Tetris.

10 signs you need a social media detox.

8 incredible JavaScript WebGL experiments.

CSS3 bling in the real world.

The State of the Web, a comic by @Oatmeal.

A list of 10 mobile web design trends and best practices.

The history of Android shown as an infographic.

Contrast Rebellion, a site dedicated to improving Web typography by increasing contrast for text.

20 inspiring web development process diagrams.

Panabee, a quick and simple way to brainstorm names for domains, blogs, and mobile apps.

HTML5 Canvas Piano, is a work in progress yet functional piano created entirely in the browser using and tags.

Deployinator, deployment framework extracted from Etsy is now open source.

MelonJS, a JavaScript game engine to help you create HTML5 games.

Virtual Segway tours using the Wii Balance Board.

A fully 3D clock implemented using nothing but divs and CSS3 3D-transforms.

Are you an iOS developer thinking about developing for Android too? If so, check out Nick Farina's post 'An iOS Developer Takes on Android'.