Did we say it is on? Open Hack Day, London, 9th-10th May 2009

Oh yes, Open Hack Day comes back to London. Despite being hit by lightning twice the first time we went over, there was no holding us back.

Open Hack Day London 2009

The stage is set, the sign-up site is live, the venue is chosen and we're ready to break it down and celebrate the hack, UK style*:

Morris dancing, old school

* For illustration purposes only, may not mirror real events.

Seriously though, we are planning two days of tech talks, hacking, entertainment, food and drink and all we need is you to come and show us what you can build in 24 hours using our APIs - or anything else you find on the web. The expectations are high, as the 2007 Open Hack Day in London is still mentioned as one of the most inventive, crazy and dedicated hack events (which is saying something, as the competition of hacks in Sunnyvale, Sao Paulo and Bangalore are tough!)

We're planning quite a packed event for you but we've only got space for 200 hackers.

So we need you to provide us with some information along with your ticket application. Tell us what you've done before, what you want out of hack day, and point us towards products and hacks you've participated in.

(Please note that by registering you are NOT confirmed to attend the event yet. We will send ?Open Hack Day Confirmed? emails by the end of April to all the selected registrations applications.)

If you think "oh, tech talks!" and "oh dear, hacking!" don't worry: as with the Open Hack Day in Bangalore, India, we have two kinds of tickets. You can either sign up for the full Monty as a hacker or you can get a ticket only for the tech talks part of the event.

What are you waiting for? Go forth and sign-up! We'll see you in May - with bells on!

Chris Heilmann
Yahoo Developer Network

Photo by Salim Virji