Day 1 of Hack Europe: London is Smashing!


The sun hasn't shined all day, but everything is great here at Hack Europe: London. Despite an early start, hackers arrived ready to learn and ready to hack. Though most folks were from the UK, we also saw folks from a variety of countries across the world, including Germany, France, Republic of Moldova, Austria, Italy, Spain, Romania, Scotland, South Africa, Turkey, Iraq, Sweden, Switzerland, Greece, Brazil and the US. We started the day with 3 hours of tech talks, including two hands on demos for hackers only. After wrapping up the tech talks, Jay Rossiter and Titan the Robot started the countdown for the 24 hours of hacking.

After a yummy lunch and loads of Pick & Mix, hackers were ready to collaborate. The afternoon was spent building and playing. Some hackers jumped right into hacking, others hacked for a bit then took a much needed break at the digital art wall. After a supper of Bangers and Mash, and a much needed trip to the chocolate fountain, hackers were refreshed and ready to code, code, code. We're now less than 15 hours away from the end of hacking and people are focused and alert.


Through the night, a doughnut cart with custom toppings will be available, and pizza is due later this evening as a hack snack. Hackers will work through the night, crashing in the sleep rooms only when they must. The countdown ends tomorrow at 13:00. After that time, each hack team will get 90 seconds to present their hacks to the judges and everyone in attendance, competing for £7500 in prizes.


One of the teams competing today are the winners of the HackU at University of Dundee, Calum Murray, Neil Fordyce and Jack Graham. We wish them, and all of the hackers, the best of luck.