Confoo Conference (Montreal, Quebec)

Last week we were out in Montreal, Quebec for the Conference. This conference tied in many M technology groups under one roof - PHP Québec, Montréal-Python, Montréal on Rails, W3Qc and OWASP Montréal - all congregating at the Hilton Bonaventure Hotel in downtown Montreal. From what they told us, the conference had: 500 session proposals, 100 speakers, 130 sessions, and 250 visitors over a three-day period.

While I was out there I gave a few presentations on some of the great technology coming out of Yahoo. On Friday I ran through a talk on "Browser MVC with YQL and YUI," highlighting the highly extensible nature of YQL to accept design patterns such as MVC and visualization and controller capabilities built into technologies such as YUI. This is a screencast with the presentation as the audio overlay - if you missed the talk then you can catch it below.

The other talk I gave (on Wednesday afternoon) "Foundations of a Social Application Platform", had to do with some of the core technologies behind social platforms like YAP, MySpace and Facebook. This is a look in from the perspective of a developer and is taken from the years of work we've invested in developing applications on many social networks. Below are the slides from the presentation (screencast coming shortly):

During the conference I had a chance to meet up with Asher Snyder (EVP of Technology) and Philip Ross (VP of Engineering) who work on a very interesting PHP Framework called NOLOH (Not One Line Of HTML). Asher ran me through the foundations and functionality behind the makeup of the framework. I can definitely see the potential of NOLOH for server-side engineers who don't want to deal with the front-end code and functionality of a site or web application. NOLOH integrates a rich set of widgets to rival many of the JavaScript libraries out there . When I asked about the performance of the framework Asher assured me that includes are added in as they are needed, speeding up initial page load. I unfortunately had to miss his talk because it overlapped one of my own but Asher sent by a screencast. One of the other nice pieces of the framework that I saw were the listeners that allow you to tie in a data request for the transport layer. At the end of the screencast Asher ties in flickr photos into his listener but I was thinking of the potential of integrating that with the dynamic data fetching capabilities of YQL. Take a look at "NOLOH PHP Framework - Unified Server Side Development", and see for yourself.

There was a great keynote covering HTML5 by Mark Pilgrim of Google. He included a lot of great links, tips and overview slides to whet our appetites on what we can do now with HTML 5. I'll go through all of those goodies in my next blog post (coming soon).

Diving into the innards of SQL and the uses of EXPLAIN we had an expert presentation from Sheeri Cabral of Pythian on "Bending Queries to Your Will with EXPLAIN" (A.K.A Optimizing Queries with EXPLAIN). These are some great slides for all you database administrators out there.

I can't dive into all of the talks that were given but if more information is what you're looking for then take a look at these links:

We had a great time at Confoo. I wanted to give a special thanks to all of the organizers and groups who made it possible.

Jonathan LeBlanc
Technology Evangelist
Yahoo! Developer Network
Twitter: @jcleblanc