Up and Coming PHP5 Goodies

Not to be outdone by the Flickr Announcement a few hours ago, the Upcoming team has some API gifts for Hack Day:

First off, here's our New PHP5-compatible API Wrapper. It's a pretty early release, so i've put up a wiki page detailing how to get started with the PHP5 API Wrapper. My wrapper beta testers tell me that although there are some issues they had to figure out with the example code, the class itself is generally working for them. If you have feedback, please post a note in the talk page for the wrapper.

We also are introducing of the new state.getInfo and country.getInfo methods, available by popular demand. Also, the method has been modified to accept the new "show" parameter, allowing you to retrieve a user's watchlist history, upcoming events, or the watchlist across all time.

This should fix the limitations that were preventing some developers from fetching a complete user history from the API.

For those of you who would like to attend, i'll be at the Open Hack Day, doing a quick presentation about Upcoming.org Event Hacks using the API at 4:15pm (Full schedule at the YUI blog). Our fearless leader, Andy Baio, will also be doing a presentation at 10:00am that looks at why certain online communities tend to go offline.


Jeremy Zawodny