Come to Sydney in October to hear all about state-of-the-art web development

From the 6th to 9th of October, Sydney, Australia is the place to hear about all what is hot in the world of web design and development. The Web Directions South conference features quite an impressive list of speakers and comes with workshops and a special web education feature.

The "Ed Directions" workshop powered by Chris Mills from Opera, Ash Alluri, and Leslie Jensen-Inman will give you insight into how to write a curriculum and how to train people on web standards and web development best practises. The Workshop was first held at the Web Directions North in Denver earlier this year and is loosely tied to Opera's web standards curriculum.

In terms of YDN presence, you'll be able to meet Christian 'xian' Crumlish, master of the YDN design pattern library talking about Designing Social Interfaces.

All in all this looks like a promising gig. I was part of the Denver Web Directions North conference earlier this year with a similar setup, and had a great time learning a lot from people that you don't meet at other conferences.

As a special bonus, there is also a free "WE rock" Web Education Rocks event in Sydney on the 6th of October, in case you can't afford to go to the main conference, and still want to hear about the benefits of teaching and learning web standards. The organizers of this one are Leslie Jensen-Inman, Doug Schepers from the W3C, Chris Mills, and benevolent Web Directions overlord John Allsopp.

Sad that I can't come--please take photos!

Chris Heilmann
Yahoo Developer Network