Come Hack Some Vocabularies at the Yahoo! Sunnyvale VoCamp

We are pleased to announce that on June 18-19, Yahoo! is sponsoring our first VoCamp event at our main campus in Sunnyvale, CA.

What is VoCamp? As the name indicates, VoCamp is influenced by BarCamp, although VoCamp's emphasis is tilted towards hands-on technical work and practical output. VoCamp provides a two day forum for vocabulary creation and discussions on the management of the Semantic Web. Unlike Semantic Web meetups which typically take just a few hours and focus on a single presentation, the VoCamp format is open and provides time to:

  • talk about current issues with vocabularies and semantic interoperability
  • work in small groups on a wide variety of problems
  • get some real ontology hacking done

With both Yahoo! and now Google committed to supporting structured markup, it's never been a better time to come on in and help shape the future of the Semantic Web. And of course, if you have any direct feedback about how we're dealing with structured data, you'll have our ear. If you're in the Bay Area this June, please sign up on the VoCampSunnyvale2009 wiki page. Space is limited, but we will try to expand if necessary. The event is right after SemTech San Jose, so you won't have far to travel. Best of all, it's free!

Evan Goer
Yahoo! SearchMonkey Team