Christmas + iPad, Lorem Ipsum, powerful Tweets, HTML5 Canvas, CSS Resets, and reenact Big piano scene

It's been a week that brought winter chill to the southeast, so much snow that the Metrodome roof collapsed, and Warcraft game expansion setting the record for the fastest-selling PC game ever. In the meantime, we bring you interesting links from the world of technology for another rendition of Tech Thursday:

A Comprehensive Guide to CSS Resets, Part 2 of a three-part series of articles on the topic.

A fun alternative to Lorem Ipsum, Fillerati is a placeholder text generator, which spits out text from a number of classic literary works of authors such as Lewis Carrol (Alice in Wonderland), H.G. Wells (War of the Worlds) and Jules Verne (Around the World in 80 Days).

Christmas + iPad = North Point Community Church's iBand. Note the list of apps used in the performance.

As more and more developers publish mobile websites, here are 7 useful tools for making mobile website testing a little bit easier.

Font Comparer lets you compare fonts in a simple way.

From LinkedIn Labs, Resume Builder turns your LinkedIn profile into a resume.

Want to start learning about HTML5 Canvas but not quite sure where to start? is dedicated to everything you need to know about HTML5 Canvas with tutorials, labs, and articles.

With this Kinect hack, you can be like a young Tom Hanks skipping along on the FAO Schwarz floor piano in the movie Big.

UX mistakes can kill an app's chances of success in the App Store. Avoid these 10 Surefire Ways to Screw Up Your iPhone App on the way to building the next smash hit iPhone app.

What makes a Tweet powerful? Here's Twitter's list of the Ten Most Powerful Tweets of 2010.

Simple ways to get started with face detection: 1) on OSX using Python or 2) using the jQuery plugin.