Check Out Our WADL

Sure, it's technically possible to use WSDL to describe a REST style web service, but is anybody using WSDL to do it? Marc Hadley's WADL (pronounced "waddle"), Web Application Description Language, is a convenient and simple alternative and we've got some tools to get you started using it.

Our own Mark Nottingham offers a sweet XSLT style sheet to transform WADL files into HTML documentation pages here. If you've got some Java chops, you can build Marc Hadley's wadl2java tool which takes WADL files and parses them into Java stubs for your applications. The WADL home page has the code as well as supporting documentation and even a Yahoo! usage example.

For developers that want to get started quickly with some new code, Yahoo! engineer Venkata Ramamoorthy created a small build package for our Web Search Service which you can download directly here. Have fun waddling...