Check Out the Learning Sessions for Hack Europe: London


Our team is hard at work, setting up for tomorrow’s Hack Europe: London. We’re packing swag bags, hanging banners, testing wifi and sending out our final round of invites in the next few hours.

The speakers are confirmed, the judges are confirmed and the talks agenda is below. There will be two tracks, but for ease of reading, we've listed them all in order below. We hope to see you there.

9:30 - Welcome - Anil Patel, Yahoo!; Erik Suhonen, Yahoo!

Head of YDN, Erik Suhonen, and Head Of Developer Outreach And Community, Anil Patel, will welcome attendees to Hack Europe: London. They'll explain how Yahoo! Hack Days work and let attendees know how to get the most out of the event.

9:40 - YUI for Hackers - Satyen Desai, Yahoo! (Slides)

A tour of YUI, focusing on the parts of the library most suitable for getting a hack out of the door in 24 hours. We'll cover some basics, as well as introduce developers to the newest YUI CSS offerings, allowing hackers to get, not only a functional hack out of the door, but also a pretty one.

9:45 - Big Data on a Microsoft Platform with Hortonworks - Chris Harris, Hortonworks; Steve Plank, Microsoft (Slides)

Microsoft is providing all participants at the event access to the Azure platform over the weekend. Discover the Azure platform components including detail from Hortonworks on the Apache Hadoop environment as part of the Azure HDInsight Service.

10:05 - The Yahoo! Mojito Framework - Gaurav Vaish, Yahoo! (Slides)

Frontend engineers love JavaScript, and what better than writing your entire application in it. In this talk, Gaurav provides an overivew to the Yahoo! Mojito framework.

10:30 - FirefoxOS - Daniel Appelquist, Telefonica (Slides)

An intro to FirefoxOS, what is it, what's Telefonica's role in it, what makes it different, how it relates to the emerging standards around device APIs, and what it all means for the future of the Web.

10:50 - Hacking on the Yahoo! Stack - Gaurav Vaish, Yahoo! (No Slides)

You've seen YUI. You now know about Mojito. And probably you've also known about YQL. Gaurav takes you to where rubber hits the road and shows how easy and quick it is to get started with application development using YUI + YQL + Mojito stack.

11:05 - Connected things with the Arduino GSM Shield - Kevin Prince, Telefonica (No Slides)

The new Arduino GSM shield enables tinkerers and experts alike to quickly prototype internet connected devices. Kevin will demo some existing hacks and also take you through your first hack.

11:20 - BOSS - Rahul Hampole, Yahoo! (Slides)

Rahul will provide an overview of BOSS services, key features and ideas on how to hack with BOSS.

11:30 - YQL Refresher: SQL Everywhere - Gaurav Vaish, Yahoo! (No Slides)

SQL has been the stadnard to access data. But what if there's no MySQL? What if all you have is web services? YQL provides SQL-like syntax to access all that and much more. This walkthrough takes you into what YQL has in store and how you can use it access fancy stuff using simple code - be it latest Flickr photos, weather report, tweets or even Facebook photos.

11:45 - The BBC News Juicer - Matt Shearer, BBC News Labs (Slides)

In summer 2012, BBC News spun-up “BBC NEWS LABS” - an R&D programme and platform to help explore product opportunities in linked data. We’ve since been using the platform for further exploration, and this weekend we are opening up the APIs for you to use.

11:50 - BOSS Demo - Rahul Hampole, Yahoo! (No Slides)

A deeper dive into BOSS with Rahul.
BOSS Search

11:55 - Planvine API - Barnaby Clark, Planvine (Slides)

The Planvine JSON REST API provides an easy way to access event listings for thousands of venues in many of the major metropolitan cities across the UK. Everything from major music events to local cocktail making classes.

This talk will cover the basic structure and scope of the API, some examples of services built using the API and some quick tips on how to get up and running.

12:05 - Booking hotels for fun and profit with Expedia RoomService API - Steve Marshall, Expedia Affiliate Network (Slides)

At Expedia Affiliate Network, it’s our job to help developers build the future of online travel. We’ve got over 155,000 hotels available for you to use in your applications, and you can even make bookings (and money!) using our API. In this session, you’ll get an introduction to RoomService, EAN’s hotel API, so you can use it in your hacks.

12:15 - Hacking for Good: Fundraising through farting - Dom Vallely, TheGivingLab (Slides)

TheGivingLab creates and tests new digital ideas in the charity sector. Dom will share details of Comic Relief's Fart App, an experiment to get young men engaged in giving. He’ll touch on the opportunities for innovation in the not-for-profit sector, and inspire you to hack for the greater good!

12:15 - Payments for the REST of us: PayPal - Tim Messerschmidt, PayPal (Slides)

The talk is going to show PayPal's recently launched REST API and the easiest way for getting started with it's implementation. The API features technologies like OAuth 2 and HATEOAS and can be easily integrated into existing projects by using SDKs for Ruby, Node.js and many more languages / frameworks.

12:25 - - Stop scraping! Getting data from the web the sane way - Chris Alexander, (No Slides)

There is a lot of great data available on the web, but getting to that data is hard. Scraping is an endless chore and hard to maintain at scale. provides tools to solve these problems. Learn how our extractors can turn a page's URL into structured data returned over a JSON API and how to integrate this data into your apps.

12:35 - Twilio API demo - Michael Wawra, Twilio (No Slides)

Twilio virtualizes all infrastructure needed for business communications – hardware, software, carrier connectivity, and phone numbers – in a cloud-based, on-demand, global environment, exposed through a simple-to-use communications API platform. In ten minutes of interactive live coding, we will show you how you can add voice and SMS to your application!

13:00 - Kick Off - Jay Rossiter, Yahoo! (with Titan the robot)

Let the Hacking begin!

We'll also have two special talks just for hackers. Please note that these are not open to the Tech Talks Only track attendees.

13:45 - Data Visualisation on Microsoft HDInsight Workshop - Chris Harris, Hortonworks

A hands-on workshop designed to get you working with real data on a Hadoop platform provided by Microsoft Azure. Hortonworks will be working with data sets provided by { Expedia API, Paypal API, Twitter API and Census data } on real life concepts to explore new trends and data visualization capabilities to demonstrate how Big Data solutions will be impacting business decisions now and into the future.

13:45 - Firefox OS development workshop - Francisco Jordano, Telefonica (Slides)

In this hands-on workshop you'll learn how to create great HTML5 mobile Web apps that will perform beautifully on FirefoxOS. You'll also learn about special features of FirefoxOS like how to use packaging to ensure off-line operation, what you need to do to access privileged APIs such as the dialer or the contact book and how the Mozilla store works. You'll also gain insight into what FirefoxOS is and what's different about it.

If you haven’t yet registered, now is the time to do it. We’ll be closing registration this afternoon.

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