Changes for a couple Yahoo! Developer Network (YDN) offerings

In an effort to sharpen our focus, we are shutting down a couple services. You can see the full list on the Yodel announcement, Spring Cleaning. Two of the closures will impact developers, so we wanted to highlight them here.

Avatars YQL table shutdown on April 1, 2013

We have decided to discontinue the Avatars product. In line with this, the YQL table that allowed developers to retrieve the avatar will no longer be available after April 1, 2013.

Yahoo! Updates API unsupported after April 16, 2013

As of April 16, 2013, we will no longer support the Yahoo! Updates API. You can continue to use the service as is and the documentation will remain for now, but the team will no longer support the API. This also means the Updates forum will be removed.