Calling All DIY Environmentalists: Dream Up Ideas That Will Green Up Our Planet

Each Earth Day, many of us pledge to do better in protecting our Earth. For a few weeks we take shorter showers, bring reusable bags for our grocery shopping, and turn off lights that aren't being used. Then, as weeks pass, these new habits fall away. Little things do matter, but it's hard to stay passionate about them, and it's easy to forget.

But, what if you were passionate about a project because you dreamed it up? Do you have a product idea to make our lives a little easier and our planet a little greener? Submit your world-changing ideas to our Make-It-Green program, and your idea might turn into a real product. People whose ideas are chosen could receive $2500 and a share of the sales.

What is Make-It-Green?
Make-It-Green is about turning great ideas into actual products that improve people?s lives and help our planet. Yahoo! is looking for the best green products or do-it-yourself projects and we need your help. Submit your idea, and if it?s chosen, you could see your product on store shelves, get $2,500 and a share of the sales, and possibly appear on the TV show Everyday Edisons.

You can also participate by giving a ?thumbs up? to your favorites ideas. Your votes will help us identify ideas to consider making into products that will be sold in retail stores.

What is a Green Idea?
A green idea may mean using fewer resources, reusing materials, or finding a better way to get rid of unwanted stuff. For example, we love the Kyoto Box, a solar-powered cooker constructed from two cardboard boxes, aluminum foil and an acrylic cover. It saves energy, trees, the atmosphere, and can even save lives?and costs about $6 to make!

Where can I learn more?
Submit your great green idea or pick your favorites at

Connie Chan
Yahoo! for Good

Robyn Tippins
YDN Community Manager