Call for Zimbra translators

Do you speak Ukrainian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Hungarian, Bulgarian or Czech? The Zimbra team is looking for linguists who are passionate about online messaging and collaboration software to contribute to Zimbra's translation efforts.

Never used Zimbra? Zimbra's mail and calendaring client and server platform is employed by universities and companies the world over. The platform is fully open source, integrates with everything from Blackberry to Exchange servers and has a cool Ajax interface that users just love. Give Zimbra a try, you will be impressed. You can download the Zimbra Open Source Edition and the Zimbra Desktop for free.

Here is what you need to know: start by learning about the translations process, then decide if you would like to be a moderator or a contributor. To make sure that the translations can be used by the whole community, we need you to sign a contribution agreement.

Then you'll be ready to head over to Zimbra's translation wiki.

So get started today, we'd love to have your help in making Zimbra a global product!

Sophie Major
YDN Europe