Building a data mashup with YQL, YUI, and Yahoo! Maps

The Open Data Group of Warwickshire in England is currently running a hack competition. I entered the following mashup as my hack. You can click the screenshot to see it in action:

Warwickshire information

The mashup is based on four datasets released by the council:

To make it easy on myself, I put them into YQL and used them as a single XML file retrieved in one HTTP request:

select * from xml where url in (

The rest was just a matter of assembling the data in PHP, rendering out the HTML, and progressively enhancing it to do my bidding.

I cover the whole process — creating the mashup and using YUI3, progressive enhancement, and event delegation to make your life easier — in the following screencast. (I've also written it out as a step-by step-tutorial elsewhere.)

You can download the mashup source on GitHub and play with it.