What’s up with BrowserPlus?

Last Friday we quietly pushed an update to the BrowserPlus™
platform. This update includes better browser support and a
couple new features. More important, it makes it possible for
anyone to use BrowserPlus on their own website to implement better
in-browser uploading and desktop notifications.

What's better about the upload? To start, it's easier for
end users to select the files they want to upload. You can drag
and drop files or folders directly into your web browser. An enhanced
"File Browse" implementation supports file
multi-select as well as folder select. For sites focused on the upload of photos, we've built a component that lets you manipulate images on the client before
uploading them. Once the content is selected and the image is ready to upload, our
service includes a progress bar that shows accurate upload progress. The PhotoDrop demo shows how all of these features come together for a smooth and intuitive photo-editing and in-browser upload experience.

Desktop notifications are interesting because they give websites an unobtrusive
hook to inform users about important events or content changes.
Wouldn't it be useful if your favorite in-browser mail client could
show "you've got mail", even with the web app minimized or
buried by other windows on your desktop?

Some more new features now available: simple client-side storage and playful support for motion sensors (or "accelerometers") on specific laptops. Hop over to our brand
new developer page
for more on the release, and all the tools you need to get started. Also, don't hesitate to come get quick answers to
questions or share code and concepts in our forums.

Lloyd Hilaiel
BrowserPlus team