Brown Bag Presentation: Professional Web Development with libraries

As the summer is historically a slow period on the conference circuit in Europe, we decided to start a round of brown bag presentations at different companies. Brown bags are quick technical presentations during the lunch-break, presented onsite at a variety of companies. This means that the company gets expert speakers and content, without having to spend money on conference tickets or having to make do without their developers for even a day.

We started the round of brown bags last Friday at IPC Media in London, a Time Warner subsidiary dealing with the web sites of many UK magazines. IPC Media asked us to give them information on how using libraries and YUI especially could make their lives easier.

The slides are available on SlideShare:

In addition to the slides, you can also get an audio recording of the talk at and the notes of the talk on my blog.

Our next stops on the brown-bag circuit: ebay/gumtree/paypal/skype this Friday for a talk on accessibility, followed by Sky TV for a talk on YQL and distribution methods. Some of the talks will be filmed and I will try to make audio recordings of them all. The slides will definitely be made available as Creative Commons to use in your own company trainings.

Christian Heilmann
Yahoo Developer Network