Breaking News: Yahoo! OpenID on The Huffington Post

Today we're happy to announce that The Huffington Post accepts Yahoo! OpenID, allowing over 350 million active Yahoo! users to easily sign into The Huffington Post with just a couple mouse clicks. Websites that accept Yahoo! OpenID can streamline their new user experience by using OpenID to share the user's name, email address, and profile picture without forcing new users to fill out a registration form.

In addition to authenticating users with a simple and trusted interface, OpenID lets sites tap into Yahoo's social distribution platform using the OpenID/OAuth Hybrid Extension. For example, users signing into The Huffington Post with their Yahoo! OpenID can easily find and connect with their friends who are already on the site by sharing their Yahoo! Contacts. When a Yahoo! user comments on a news story, The Huffington Post can use the Yahoo! Updates service to receive massive referral traffic by syndicating the comment to the user's contacts on highly trafficked Yahoo! services including Yahoo! Mail and Yahoo! Messenger.

Yahoo! is committed to Open Standards, and we believe that users should have choices in how they identify themselves online. We've been working behind the scenes with the OpenID community to make OpenID more useful and easier to use. The new Popup UI and the OpenID/OAuth Hybrid interface that you'll see on The Huffington Post are just two examples of how we've improved the Yahoo! OpenID experience by working with the OpenID community to make OpenID better.

If you're interested in using Yahoo! OpenID and Yahoo!'s social distribution platform on your site, check out our quickstart guide for more info. We also have several partners including JanRain, JS-Kit, Meebo, Gigya, ShareThis, and Disqus that offer products and services that can make it super easy to add Yahoo! OpenID and the Yahoo! social platform to your site.