Breakfast in the Clouds: a day in the Omaha tech scene

I presented a talk on cloud computing at an event organized by the AIM Institute at Gallup University in Omaha, Nebraska, on March 26. The phrase "cloud computing" is a bit vague, so I focused on describing a few different types of cloud-like services (e.g., app hosting, virtual private servers, file & data storage, grid computing, etc.) and Yahoo!'s role in the cloud computing community.

Breakfast in the Clouds
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Omaha has a thriving tech scene. My host, Jeff Slobotski — Director of Innovation & New Media at the AIM Institute, co-organizer of the Big Omaha conference, and cofounder of Silicon Prairie News — is in the middle of it. Yahoo! opened its newest data center there in February, and there are numerous other tech and Fortune 500 companies in residence. Micah Laaker, Director, Yahoo! Open Strategy UED, described his experience at Big Omaha last year in his YDN blog post "Big Lights, Big Omaha".

If you're in Omaha, or are planning to visit, and would like to integrate with the tech community there, keep the following organizations and events in mind:
- Big Omaha
- Infotec
- AIM Institute's technology breakfast seminars

Big thanks to Jeff and Silicon Prairie News cofounder/Big Omaha co-organizer Dusty Davidson for being awesome hosts, and Seraphim Mullin's team at the Yahoo! office in Omaha for receiving us on (very) short notice.

Erik Eldridge
Yahoo! Developer Network (@ydn)