What’s better than a great app? Dozens of great apps!

Each day, many apps will be released, but few will garner mindshare because getting the word out about an app, even a great app, can be difficult. There are thousands of apps in any given app store, many that are abysmal, and the deluge of chaff along with confusing app store policies means that getting found in an app store is a frustrating game of happenstance.

As a developer network, we see great apps every day. They are highlighted in our usage reports, mentioned in our forum and discussed in our communities. We know many of you are programming geniuses and we think that your apps should not be buried.

In an effort to shine the spotlight on great developers and point out great apps, we're putting together the Yahoo! Developer Network App Showcase that will highlight your best efforts. At YDN, we are developers and users, so we already have some great contenders. That said, we know that we can never hope to uncover all of the gems out there, so we would love your help.

Did you create a great app that uses Yahoo tools or APIs? Do you use a Yahoo!-powered app that should see widespread acclaim? If so, leave a comment below and be sure to include a link to the app.