BBauth And Photos Code Unleashed

Fresh off of our mega-successful Hack Day, we've got lots of code samples to feed your lust for Browser-Based Authentication and Photos APIs, and in multiple languages no less!

In our Ruby Developer Center, we've got a Ruby wrapper for BBauth by Premshree Pillai, as well as links to a Rails plug-in by Cameron Walters and Scott Fleckenstein, and a tutorial by Erik Kastner.

In and around our PHP Developer Center, PHP examples abound.
In the Yahoo! Application Gallery, Kent Brewster shows off his nifty YBBS, a prototype forum written in PHP that uses BBauth for authentication, and I have a Drupal module and a WordPress plug-in that implement BBauth for the Drupal CMS and for WordPress blogs.

Need a little more hand-holding? I've got a PHP Quickstart bundle that can get you up and running using BBauth in a pinch, and also contains my PHP4 and PHP5 classes for BBauth..
Dan Theurer also has a PHP tutorial about implementing Single Sign-On using BBauth on his blog as well as a nifty Photos application that uses BBauth.

Can't get Photos uploads to work? My PHP samples show how easy it is to upload photos into a Yahoo! Photos account using BBauth and the Photos API.

What about Coldfusion? Dov Katz has written a fine demo with source that implements BBauth for Coldfusion developers. Check it out in Gallery!

For Python, my BBauth class and mod_python example are now in the Python Developer Center.

Jason Levitt