Badges for Yahoo! Pipes

I've been a big fan of Yahoo! Pipes ever since it launched. Pipes is unique in making the world of feeds accessible and "mashable" in a friendly browser-based development environment.

But it's always felt like there was a missing piece too. Pipes is easy enough for novice (or even non-) programmers to use, but what it ultimately produces is a data feed intended to be consumed by a program.

Pipes Badges change all that. If you can add a one-line script tag to a web page, you can visually display the output of a pipe on you own web site. To learn more about this, I got together with Paul Donnelly for a demo. Here's the video.

You'll notice that these badges do more that render an RSS feed as a list. If the feed contains photo data, you can get a slide show. And if the feed contains geocoded data, you can get a map badge.

In my mind, this is the first of several steps to making pipes output more useful to a larger class of data junkies.

Thanks to Paul for making time to go over the Badges.


Jeremy Zawodny
Yahoo! Developer Network