Hack India: Hyderabad — It’s a Wrap!

Hack India: Hyderabad — It’s a Wrap!

The energy at the 6th edition of Yahoo! Hack in India was electrifying as we counted down to the close of hacking at Yahoo! Hack Hyderabad, 2013. Over…

Internal Hackday Produces Record-Breaking 300 Hacks

Internal Hackday Produces Record-Breaking 300 Hacks

Yahoo! has been hosting internal Hackdays since 2005, and the traditio…

Demand is High for Yahoo! Hack India: Hyderabad

Demand is High for Yahoo! Hack India: Hyderabad

Photo credit to Reid Burke Since 2007, YDN has been hosting amazing Ha…

  • Apache Hadoop has become the de-facto platform for developing large-scale
    data-intensive applications. It has been used actively in academia and Industry for
    research and data mining. Our Hadoop Summits provide an opportunity for understanding
    the latest trends and roadmap for Hadoop Platform and its ecosystem and how Hadoop
    is leveraged in various domains.

    Yahoo! India R&D is proud to host the second Hadoop India Summit, a one-day event which will take place in Bangalore, India, on either February 16th, 2011. Last year’s event was a fantastic success with 300+ researchers and industry leaders discussing real-world use cases.
    This year we are planning for an even bigger and better event and are expecting 500
    attendees with presentations from people working on very large data storage and
    analysis problems across a range of industries including financial services, telecommunications, government, retail, academia and more.

    If you are active user of Hadoop as a developer, user or

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  • A look back at some of the links that have made the Tech Thursday lists in 2010, and props to @codepo8 for a column that lives on:

    The Web 2.0 suicide machine allows you to delete social media profiles you are sick of checking.

    Charting the Beatles is a wonderful and very detailed visualization of the work of the Beatles.

    Ever wondered if you can simulate Windows 3.11 in HTML, CSS and JavaScript? Well, you can.

    How to node is a great primer resource for Node.js.

    Super Mario Bros on a 8x8 LED matrix looks cool.

    Carlos Bueno started a very useful jQuery to YUI3 translation chart. It is now maintained by the YUI team and Paul Irish.

    Want to write CSS for iPad and support the different orientations? Here is how to do that.

    Paul Bakaus discusses the value of progressive enhancement - let the games begin.

    If you ever wondered about the number 42 as the answer to life, the universe and everything in the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy here is the rationale behind it.

    Stoyan Stefanov

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  • Every Thursday is Tech Thursday where we share a random assortment of technical links we found and liked:

    How to create a 3-column layout with CSS.

    Utilize the HTML5 File API to choose, upload, preview and see progress for multiple files.

    An introduction to HTML Prototyping.

    Apple released 5 free iOS development books via the iBooks store. I am unable to link to the books here, please download the iBooks app itself and search for 'Apple Developer Publications.'

    Examples of SQL injection attacks.

    HTML5 and CSS3 without guilt.

    Spirit of Indiana (Jones) – syncing HTML5 video with maps. A guide to recreating the travel/flight sequences in the Indiana Jones movies using HTML5.

    Watch this clip as Ben Stiller tries to explain Twitter and the Internet to Regis Philbin.

    Wirify turns any web page into a wireframe.

    Spritebox is a WYSIWYG editor for creating CSS sprites, currently in beta and looks to be a good tool to have in the toolbox.

    Easel JS, a javascript library to help make working

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  • Gone Holidayin’

    Cork from an open Champagne bottle for YDN greetingschampagnecork-ydn
    Yahoo! Developer Network would like to wish you a peaceful and happy winter solstice and holiday season. As we say in Manila, Philippines, "Manigong bagong taon" — have a prosperous new year!

    We'll be back in January.

    Here's a quick recap of where YDN and Yahoo! evangelists hung out in 2010. If we forgot to list your awesome 2010 tech event, hit us in the comments and we'll update the post:


    Hack U, IIT, Hyderabad, India
    CrisisCamp Haiti Silicon Valley, Sunnyvale, CA
    BarCamp San Diego, San Diego, CA
    She's Geeky, Mountain View, CA


    Free & Open Source Developers European Meeting (FOSDEM), Brussels, BE
    Joint WIPO-ITU Accessibility workshop, Geneva, Switzerland
    Symfony Live, Paris, France
    Southern California Linux Expo (SCALE), Los Angeles, CA
    Future of Web Apps, Miami, FL
    BarCamp Miami, Miami, FL
    Hack U University of Washington, Seattle, WA
    India Hadoop Summit at CloudCamp Bangalore, Bengaluru, India


    Hack U Georgia

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  • Editor's note: This post originally appeared on the Delicious blog. We're reposting here for you to access:

    What's Next for Delicious?

    Many of you have read the news stories about Delicious that began appearing yesterday. We're genuinely sorry to have these stories appear with so little context for our loyal users. While we can't answer each of your questions individually, we wanted to address what we can at this stage and we promise to keep you posted as future plans get finalized.

    Is Delicious being shut down? And should I be worried about my data?

    - No, we are not shutting down Delicious. While we have determined that there is not a strategic fit at Yahoo!, we believe there is a ideal home for Delicious outside of the company where it can be resourced to the level where it can be competitive.

    What is Yahoo! going to do with Delicious?

    - We're actively thinking about the future of Delicious and we believe there is a home outside the company that would make more sense for the service

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  • It's been a week that brought winter chill to the southeast, so much snow that the Metrodome roof collapsed, and Warcraft game expansion setting the record for the fastest-selling PC game ever. In the meantime, we bring you interesting links from the world of technology for another rendition of Tech Thursday:

    A Comprehensive Guide to CSS Resets, Part 2 of a three-part series of articles on the topic.

    A fun alternative to Lorem Ipsum, Fillerati is a placeholder text generator, which spits out text from a number of classic literary works of authors such as Lewis Carrol (Alice in Wonderland), H.G. Wells (War of the Worlds) and Jules Verne (Around the World in 80 Days).

    Christmas + iPad = North Point Community Church's iBand. Note the list of apps used in the performance.

    As more and more developers publish mobile websites, here are 7 useful tools for making mobile website testing a little bit easier.

    Font Comparer lets you compare fonts in a simple way.

    From LinkedIn Labs, Resume Builder

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  • ScaleCamp 2010 board showing PostIt notes with topic suggestionsscalecamp-board
    On Friday 10th December, YDN was at Scalecamp London 2010, held at the Guardian offices, and it was a blast. Scalability and Performance are art-forms that are close to our heart at Yahoo!, so we felt both honored and obligated to sponsor the event. There was a good turnout for a cold December day, with approximately 120 campers. The event was organized by Michael Brunton-Spall from the Guardian. Big thanks to Michael for putting on the event for us!

    Scaling Teams

    The first talk that I attended was hosted by Gareth Rushgrove, and covered the often overlooked subject of scaling teams. The debate focused on three key areas: the human factor, development process, and technical architecture.

    Most folks agreed that focusing too much on technical skills vs. team fit when hiring is a common factor in failing to scale teams effectively. Also, once you have people onboard, you have to look out for sources of discontent. Some people are either miserable by nature, or the working environment

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  • Pushing Beyond Gzipping

    In Tony Gentilcore's chapter, "Going Beyond Gzipping," in the Even Faster Web Sites book, and at his presentation at Velocity 2009, Gentilcore describes a weird behavior where roughly 15% of visitors are not receiving compressed responses even though these user agents support compression. Although all modern browsers (circa 1998) support Gzip compression, surely 15% of users are not using browsers older than 10 years. The culprit are proxies and security software that mangle or strip the Accept-Encoding HTTP header:

    Accept-EncodXng: gzip, deflate
    X-cept-Encoding: gzip, deflate
    ---------------: -------------
    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~: ~~~~~~~~~~~~~


    Gentilcore emphasizes the importance of serving compressed content for these users and comes up with some approaches to workaround this issue:

    1. Appeal to the vendor of software that mangles/strips the Accept-Encoding header — but this will take some time until all users upgrade their versions.
    2. Design to
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  • On Monday, Yahoo! Developer Network participated in Salesforce's inaugural Cloudstock event, a developer-centric prelude to Dreamforce, Salesforce.com's annual customer gathering. The one-day conference brought thousands of developers to San Francisco's Moscone Center to learn from Adobe, Amazon, Box, eBay, Force.com, Google, Heroku, Joyent, Kynetx, LinkedIn, PayPal, Simple Geo, and many other cloud tool and technology providers.

    YDN evangelists staffed a partner pod and answered questions about YQL, the SQL-like query language that lets you query, filter and join data from a variety of sources. Tom Hughes-Croucher gave a talk called "Select * From Internet – How to Make the Most of the Web of Data Using YQL." Much as Salesforce simplifies and enhances the tasks associated with CRM, YQL piques developer interest because it simplifies the task of calling multiple APIs to manipulate and present data.

    In addition to the day's array of sessions, Cloudstock featured a Hackathon, where

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  • I gotta admit, one of the best parts about being a Yahoo is participating in hackdays. Whether it is internal hackdays, Yahoo! Open hackdays, and even hackdays for other companies, we love them all the same. Hackdays are in the Yahoo DNA. So when we heard that someone was putting one on, Yahoo! was happy to show up and support the cause.

    This past weekend, The New York Times hosted a TimesOpen hackday to conclude a series of developer events for 2010. This hackday attracted nearly 100 developers from across the country for a day of hacking, training sessions, pizza, and beer. Yahoo was on hand with a few developers, myself (@derek) and Flickr's Chris Martin (@cjmartin) making the cross-country trip to educate our fellow hackers on Y! APIs such as YQL & Flickr, and to of course... hack!

    The event kicked off at 10 am with coffee and socializing, then began the API/tools talks from Yahoo, Google, Facebook, FourSquare, Etsy, Suprfeedr, Charbeat, and The NY Times. I gave a pair of

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