Hack India: Hyderabad — It’s a Wrap!

Hack India: Hyderabad — It’s a Wrap!

The energy at the 6th edition of Yahoo! Hack in India was electrifying as we counted down to the close of hacking at Yahoo! Hack Hyderabad, 2013. Over…

Internal Hackday Produces Record-Breaking 300 Hacks

Internal Hackday Produces Record-Breaking 300 Hacks

Yahoo! has been hosting internal Hackdays since 2005, and the traditio…

Demand is High for Yahoo! Hack India: Hyderabad

Demand is High for Yahoo! Hack India: Hyderabad

Photo credit to Reid Burke Since 2007, YDN has been hosting amazing Ha…

  • Developers, time to geek out. Yahoo! has been working behind the scenes for the past several months on an exciting new technology that we think will deeply impact the web developer community. We call it “Cocktails” and it’s the technology powering Livestand, which we launched today at Product Runway.

    “Cocktails” is a mix of HTML5, Node.JS, CSS3, JavaScript and a lot of ingenious, creative mind-bending tricks from Yahoo!’s engineers. Today, we are announcing two Cocktails: Yahoo!’s Mojito, an environment-agnostic JavaScript web application framework, and Yahoo! Manhattan, a hosted platform for Mojito-based applications.

    cocktails v7

    Yahoo!’s Mojito

    Mojito is a JavaScript web application framework that makes “your stuff run on both sides”, browser-side and server-side. With Mojito, developers will no longer have to write different code for the server backend and browser frontend. Not only that, but going forward there should be no more warnings on web pages reading “JavaScript enabled is required”,

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  • YQL is a query language platform. While it has been popular with developers outside of Yahoo! for some time now, it should come as no surprise that YQL also serves a vital role as a key part of the Yahoo! ecosystem, processing a substantial volume of queries reaching well over hundred billion per month.

    Incidentally, YQL is also one of the key technologies behind Livestand, along with the Cocktails development platform. While Cocktails provides a powerful cross device application runtime, YQL steps in with a scalable, data execution environment for hosting data-tier logic that is easily accessed via familiar query language and YQL Tables. YQL is a key data pipeline between the application and discrete specialized content services within Yahoo!. YQL is a front-end serving platform for various content pieces such as sports articles, weather, stock quotes, advertising and user preferences to name a few. YQL is used to deliver information to the application as well as send data from

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  • YUI for Cocktails

    From its inception, YUI has been architected to be extremely modular and environment-agnostic, which makes it particularly well suited to serve as a foundation for Yahoo!'s Mojito, a part of the Cocktails project for the following reasons:

    1. YUI’s core abstraction layer provides a consistent API across all supported environments allowing Cocktails, and hence Livestand to deliver components which can run on both the server and in client browsers across both the desktop and mobile devices.

    2. YUI’s modular structure and dynamic loading support allow for well-encapsulated and highly granular components, promoting a high level of code reuse and maintainability for large-scale Cocktail applications, without burdening the end user with dependency management.

    3. Conditional loading allows YUI, and applications built on top of it, to deliver implementations and code specific to the target environment – so Cocktails can deliver mobile or desktop or server based implementations behind a

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    • Cupcake ipsum, Sugar-coated lorem ipsum generator.
    • Test your knowledge of the Basics of HTML5.
    • Color codes with meaning, 1exadecima1.
    • Lights, an interactive music experience.
    • Nokia's 3D world map in WebGL (requires Google Chrome to view).
    • SimpleModal is a small plugin to create modal windows.
    • A JSON parser written in bash.
    • Back to basics, what is CSS?
    • Common mistakes to avoid when coding in PHP.
    • Like code? Like robots? You'll like Hubot.
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  • Amazon kindle source code.

    animate.css is a collection of cross-browser CSS animations for you to use in your projects.

    How To Build An Agile UX Team: The Culture.

    Golden Ratio calculator.

    Facebook's recently launched HTML5 Resource Center offers an excellent set of docs & resources.

    140bytes music softSynth in JavaScript.

    AliceJS, a micro JavaScript library focused on using hardware-accelerated capabilities in modern browsers for generating high-quality, high-end visual effects.

    Not your parent's mobile phone: UX design guidelines for smartphones.

    20 most inspirational quotes by Steve Jobs.

    Kern Type, a kerning game.

    Speed up CSS prototyping by overlaying a grid or a mock-up over the page.

    JPEGmini, your photos on a diet.

    The Intro to Rails screencast I wish I had.

    Writing better HTML & CSS (Slides from FOWA London) by Chris Coyier.

    HTML5 techniques for optimizing mobile performance.

    Donatello is a pure-CSS drawing library for the browser.

    HTML5 canvas deep dive.

    Google launches

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  • Hackers, mark your calendars!

    Morning along the Bay in San Mateo This weekend (October 21-23) an unprecedented event is taking place: WaterHackathon--an international hackathon bringing together developers to tackle one of the world’s most pressing challenges.

    Lack of safe water and adequate sanitation is the world’s single largest cause of illness, responsible for more than two million deaths every year. As the global population grows, and demands on natural resources increase, the sustainable management of water is acquiring new urgency.

    New ideas, better data and innovative instruments are needed to respond to the global water crisis.

    WaterHackathon will be taking place simultaneously in Bangalore, Cairo, Kampala, Lagos, Lima, London, Nairobi, Tel Aviv, Toronto and Washington D.C. Technologists will work hand-in-hand with water experts in their countries in an intensive weekend of hacking technical solutions to help communities address water problems.

    Programmers, designers, engineers, techies, data

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  • CMU Hack U 2011

    Fall semester is here, and it's time for your Hack U™ team to hit the road. During our September 29 - October 1, 2011 stay at Carnegie Mellon University, we witnessed 20 brand-new student projects rise up after 24 hours of non-stop hacking.

    CMU Hack U 2011

    On Thursday, we got things started with a nice chat what Hack U is all about: You build, then you present to win prizes after a 24 hour non-stop hackathon. Our CMU stop has a twist: in association with the Tepper School of Business, serious prize money and funding was at stake for going beyond a successful hack to pitch a successful business. Computer Science students with big ambition were able to team up with MBA students to deliver not only a cool demo, but a sustainable business plan.

    CMU Hack U 2011

    CMU Hack U


    CMU Hack U

    In the end, 52 hackers operating under teams like "The Power Ragers", "Sparq Industries", "The BROosevelts", and aptly-named "Team Tired" reached the finish line with a working hack.


    We had some fun during the night: questions were posted on @hacku and

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  • The UC Berkeley Hack U™ events keep getting better each year! And again, the Computer Science Undergraduate Association (CSUA) did an awesome job of coordinating the event.

    The recent Hack U™ had somewhere close to 200 people starting out, easily filling the workspace and requiring students to find other work areas. The energy was high and the creativity running. Hundreds of pounds of food was consumed, and students were still hungry!

    Thirty-three hacks were demonstrated to the panel of judges. The quality of work was so impressive that the judges also created several honorable mention awards.
    The winning hack was by the team with Rohan Varma and Samvit Ramadurgam. Their hack centered around a face recognition algorithm that employed a combination of machine learning techniques as well as some nifty image filtering. The hack reduced the problem to pattern matching as it matched faces to an existing data set of reasonable size with surprising levels of accuracy.

    From winner Rohan,

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  • Yahoo! conducted a HackU at the Indian Institute of Technology Madras between September 15th and September 18th. The event was as hotly contested as the Chennai weather. Before we get to the meat of it, here are a few highlights:

    1. For the first time, we had two colleges competing for prizes. We had invited 30 students from the College of Engineering, Guindy to take part in the event along with the IIT Madras students. Thanks to IIT-Madras for allowing us to invite CEG and thanks to CEG for responding quickly to our invite.
    2. We had 30+ demos out of about 40 registered hacks, which is a record conversion rate for HackU.
    3. Almost all of the demos were complete and functional with hackers joyously showing off stuff that worked.

    Day 1 - Thursday, 15th September 2011

    The IIT-Madras HackU got off to a perfect start with a healthy and
    traditional lunch at
    Cholayil Sanjeevanam
    (thanks to Sudar for the recommendation).
    The proceedings started off at 5 PM with a quick inauguration from

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  • Old tv sitcoms shown as 8-Bit artform.

    9 steps for creative problem solving.

    CSS poetry.

    Mozilla's secure coding guidelines for web developers.

    The little book on CoffeeScript.

    Text-To-Speech on the web with speak.js.

    SVG Girl, demo of SVG animation and HTML5.

    Tips, tricks and tools to get you started on HTML5 today.

    Raycaster demo in HTML5 and JavaScript.

    Patterns and approaches for namespacing in JavaScript.

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