Hack India: Hyderabad — It’s a Wrap!

Hack India: Hyderabad — It’s a Wrap!

The energy at the 6th edition of Yahoo! Hack in India was electrifying as we counted down to the close of hacking at Yahoo! Hack Hyderabad, 2013. Over…

Internal Hackday Produces Record-Breaking 300 Hacks

Internal Hackday Produces Record-Breaking 300 Hacks

Yahoo! has been hosting internal Hackdays since 2005, and the traditio…

Demand is High for Yahoo! Hack India: Hyderabad

Demand is High for Yahoo! Hack India: Hyderabad

Photo credit to Reid Burke Since 2007, YDN has been hosting amazing Ha…

  • Online account compromise occurs regularly and will probably continue in the foreseeable future. Often hackers employ botnets to hijack accounts from millions of unsuspecting consumers. In turn, these hijacked accounts are sold and used to initiate email scams, with messages seemingly sent from the legitimate account owners to their contacts. Scams can range from the less harmful “check this cool stuff” advertising spam to the more damaging “send money to help your friend” email. Worse still, the scam emails may contain malicious links that lead to the installation of malware on computers, which then makes the computers part of the ever-growing botnet networks.

    To thwart account compromise, Yahoo! is introducing a stronger user authentication feature that aims to prevent account hijackers with a stolen password from accessing a person's account. If you have a Yahoo! account, you can now further protect it by activating this new second sign-in verification feature from Yahoo! Account

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  • Color Thief, is a script for grabbing the dominant color or color palette from an image.

    25 tips on designing for mobile devices.

    10 interactive Flash websites that scream "Play With Me".

    A large collection of css layout libraries you can start using today.

    A crash course in UX.

    iOS remote debugging just got a whole lot awesomer with iWebInspector.

    Signs of a poorly written jQuery plugin.

    Nihilogic is a 3D JavaScript particle generator.

    CSS Reference is an alphabetical list of CSS features.

    Galaxy Explorer is an experimental and innovative multi-browser adventure designed to change how we think of browsers and how developers build them.

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  • Flickr recently finished a project that sped the html download of their pages to users by an average of 30%, by adding a proxy layer between the user request and the webservers. It seems counter-intuitive that you can actually improve the download time by adding an extra (non-caching) layer of machines. So, if the users and the Flickr webservers stayed in the same place, and we still use TCP and HTTP (and the speed of light didn't change), how could we affect the download time?

    Now, when a user connects to www.flickr.com, they first connect through a proxy/cache server instead of directly connecting to our webservers. Yahoo has set up a globally distributed system of proxy/cache servers, roughly based on the Apache Traffic Server. When a browser does a DNS lookup for www.flickr.com, Yahoo's DNS system attempts to find the closest available proxy/cache server to you. For instance, from my home in Mountain View, California, my request would likely be directed to a proxy/cache in

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  • Yahoo! HackU in Amman, Jordan

    hacku Jordan 04

    There's no doubt that Jordan has one of the most thriving developer communities in the Middle East region. Just under one year ago, Yahoo! ran its first developer event in Amman - "A morning with YDN". At this event, local developers heard for the first time about some of Yahoo!'s great developer technologies, like YQL and YUI. Now, one a year later, the Yahoo! HackU program has made its Debut at the Princess Sumaya University for Technology - PSUT, one of the leading and most well known technological institutes in the region.

    Tech Talks:

    The event kicked off on Wednesday, 2nd of November with a cool introduction by Prof. Jalal Atoum, Dean of King Hussein School for Information Technology at PSUT. Following this, Anil Patel, YDN Marketing Manager, gave an overview of the HackU program, how it works, why students should participate and how to they can get the most out of the event.

    Hack Jordan 02

    Jeremy Hubert, Prototyper and one of the Yahoo! technology specialists stepped in to explain to the

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  • Patternizer, a HTML5 canvas pattern generator tool.

    Why developers should pay attention to node.js.

    10 things you may not know about CSS3.

    An extensive guide to web form usability.

    Make Photoshop guides grid with JavaScript.

    Useful tools to speed up your CSS and HTML coding time.

    Writing better JavaScript with CoffeeScript: the Basics.

    Getting started with Spine Mobile.

    FreezePage, a service for taking online snapshots of web pages.

    Paladin, 3D gaming meets JavaScript.

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  • Hack U™ at UCLA

    A team of Yahoos from Academic Relations, University Recruiting and the Developer Network partnered with the folks at UCLA and launched our first Hack U™ at the campus. Over 70 students participated during the three days (October 13th – 15th) and the quality of the hacks was outstanding. The events began with a tech, great food and of course coding throughout the night. We needed additional overflow rooms to handle all of the hackers. UCLA Hack UUCLA Hack UThe energy was high and the student team that won couldn’t have been more surprised to come in 1st place - especially as one of their teammates is a political science major!

    Judging was performed by Yahoo!’s Allen Rabinovich and Gopal Venkatesan and the UCLA faculty judge was Anke Audenaert, Professor of Internet Analytics at Anderson School of Management, and Yahoo! alumnus. Watch the final awards presentation.

    The winning team, including Elison Chen, Rupen Dajee, Benjamin Lin and Sam Chuang, developed an app called ServU, a SMS-based services in

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  • Michigan HackingHackers at the University of Michigan wrapped up this year's HackU events with a set of complex hacks that harnessed artificial Intelligence, real-time analysis, and games. This is appropriate for a school that has garnered plenty of attention for their autonomous vehicles that fly, drive, and scoot. At UMich, it's perfectly normal to watch a student walk his autonomous Segway past mountains of empty pizza boxes.

    Students were joined by Yahoo Engineers, Ted Drake, Asad Sheth, and Simon Tunbridge, for 24 hours of hacking, trivia questions, fattening food, caffeine, and StarCraft. The weather was crisp and sunny while the programmers were jovial and focused.

    Hack Trophies

    Jake Schwartz, Jack Wink, and Jason Berlinsky won first place for their hack Mouse Trap Analytics. These three hackers created a tool that allows site owners to watch a user's mouse movements in real time. While the interaction itself was impressive, what impressed the judges most was their attention to the bigger

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  • Hackstravaganza at IIT Delhi

    We recently wrapped up another great Hack U™ at IIT Delhi - from Oct 13 - 16, 2011. This was the second time when we were at IIT Delhi for Hack U. Exceeding our expectations, we saw a record breaking participation! More than 300 students from IIT Delhi, IIIT Delhi, DCE and NSIT came in to attend the event.

    Hack U kicked off on Thursday evening with inauguration from Prof. Balakrishnan, IIT Delhi - Deputy director. Shovick Mukherejee, CEO - Yahoo! India R&D, delivered an inspiring keynote address talking about innovation in India and internet industry. The keynote was followed by tech talks on introduction to hacking, YQL, Web primer, Semantic web, YUI, BOSS and Geo technologies.

    IIT Delhi HackU 2011IIT Delhi HackU 2011

    Hacking officially started at 9AM on Saturday. YQL, YUI and BOSS were the favorite Yahoo! technologies amongst the hackers. Around 150 hackers coded through the night to finish their hacks by Sunday morning. 54 hacks were registered! There were a number of impressive hacks which got our attention. Prof.

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  • HTML5 Sticky thing experiment.

    h5ai, a beautified Apache index.

    ScriptCover, a Chrome extension that makes Javascript coverage analysis easy.

    Animatable, a CSS transitions gallery.

    FlashJS is JavaScript graphics and game development engine with API similar to Flash one.

    Firebug guide for web designers.

    24 Photoshop tutorials to help you learn or improve your skills.

    A list of the coolest HTML5 games.

    GoMo, an informative site from Google on how to create a mobile-friendly site.

    Crockford on JavaScript, a public lecture series at Yahoo!.

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  • Hack U™ at UIUC

    I suppose I was expecting to see other Yahoos, about to brave the chill to head to Hack U™ at the University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign (UIUC), but glancing out of the hotel window I certainly wasn't expecting to see an enormous semi-trailer with Yahoo! written on the side tuning in to the campus.UIUC Hack UUIUC Hack U
    Unsurprisingly though, it turns out this was far from a coincidence. The truck, driven by a man named Don and accompanied on this occasion by his charming wife Mary, spends its life picking up new servers from Yahoo!’s suppliers and delivering them to our datacenters across the country. Don doesn't only transport new servers though, and on this occasion he was dropping off a whole rack of used servers Yahoo! donated through our Y! STAR (Yahoo! Servers to Academic Researchers) program.

    My partner in crime for UIUC Hack U™ was none other than Dav Glass, a core developer on Yahoo!’s User Interface platform (YUI), so despite the rain and it being 5pm we began the hacking with a room full of

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