Hack India: Hyderabad — It’s a Wrap!

Hack India: Hyderabad — It’s a Wrap!

The energy at the 6th edition of Yahoo! Hack in India was electrifying as we counted down to the close of hacking at Yahoo! Hack Hyderabad, 2013. Over…

Internal Hackday Produces Record-Breaking 300 Hacks

Internal Hackday Produces Record-Breaking 300 Hacks

Yahoo! has been hosting internal Hackdays since 2005, and the traditio…

Demand is High for Yahoo! Hack India: Hyderabad

Demand is High for Yahoo! Hack India: Hyderabad

Photo credit to Reid Burke Since 2007, YDN has been hosting amazing Ha…

  • I got to spend last Wednesday hob-nobbing with 250 social media and community nerds at the second Online Community UnConference held at the Computer Science Museum in Mountain View. The people involved in community management tend to be uber social, and just as it seems, they love to talk. In fact, the board filled up with sessions in minutes. I've never been to an unconference that filled up the session board that fast!

    Yahoo! was well represented, with a number of current community managers and alumni. Heather Champ, Community Manager of Flickr and Derek Powazek from Fray spoke about the bad times all communities cycle through. Their topic, "Worst Case Scenarios: What To Do When Things Go Terribly Wrong", was a great reminder. When you think of community management, especially in the beginning, it seems all beer and roses (I hate wine). I don't think many of us think of the bad until it happens. Things can and often do go wrong in this sector, and getting blindsided is never

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  • I'd like to share some highlights from the two-day Search Engine Strategies 2008 Toronto Conference & Expo that took place last week. I was delighted by the opportunity to give a talk on "Web 2.0 and Search Engines." My audience consisted of search engine marketers, sales, strategist, consultants, and engineers. The participants had a common goal: how to maximize search engine optimization -- for themselves and/or their clients.

    Day 1: The keynote delivered by Fredrick Marckini was excellent, with many useful learnings. I also attended a great session called "Universal and Blended Search" session. Key takeaway here for me: Because users spend more time viewing images and video nowadays, SEO involves more than just text and links on the page.

    The "Getting Found in Maps & Local Search" session offered useful information. The materials were not new to me, but that's probably because I'm a local search engineer. The session on "Twitter: Ultimate Time Waster, or Great Tool" was quite

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  • The well-known travel guide "Lonely Planet" are yet another company to join the ranks of those offering their content to developers with APIs. I managed to get hold of Chris Boden, who runs Wireless and Innovation at Lonely Planet during the mashed08 hack event in London this weekend and asked him a few questions about this new developer offering.

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  • Yesterday I flew 4 hours to Ankara, Turkey to give a presentation at the Open Source conference held in the Tobb Etü university for economics and technology. For YDN, this was a very special event as it was the introduction of our new man on the ground in Turkey - Volkan Bicer.


    Now it is one day later, two hours after my presentation, and I am sitting in the Ankara Airport to catch my flight to Istanbul from where I'll go back home after another three hour stop-over. Somehow this feels surreal.

    The conference revolved all around Open source solutions and what they can do for developers and to drive the IT market in Turkey. Speakers involved people sent by JBOSS, IBM, OpenOffice and Novell and I faced a massive lecture hall filled with around 80 people eager to hear about what Yahoo can bring to the table.

    My presentation revolved both around the free offers Yahoo has for developers and introducing Volkan as the first point of call for anything Yahoo/Developer related in Turkey.

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  • Photo credit goosemurf

    Yahoo!7 hosted a Girl Geek dinner in their Sydney, Australia office last week. The audience was a rich mix of people, from tech writers and marketers to developers, sys admins, and researchers. We saw girl geeks from companies like Atlassian, Thoughtworks, and Google, and from groups like Linuxchix. We were genuinely thrilled to have a chance to hobnob with other female geeks.

    Sara Falamaki
    Photo credit claudpix

    Sara Falamaki spoke about happy code for happy programmers. Everyone seemed uber appreciative of Sara’s insight. Pratibha and I spoke on YUI, Open ID, Yahoo APIs, and all that Yahoo! has to offer to the developer community.

    Pratibha Gannavarapu and Claudia Jayne Mikaelian
    Photo credit Damana via claudpix

    The dinner was a complete success and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. We hope to see other Yahoo! offices sponsoring Geek Girl dinners in the future.

    Claudia Jayne Mikaelian
    Desktop Support Engineer

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  • Just in time for the Firefox 3 Download Day (today, June 17th), last night we released a new version of YSlow that works with Firefox 3. You can install it from the YSlow page or the Mozilla add-ons site.

    What's new in this version:

    • Firefox 3 and Firebug 1.2 beta support
    • improved and simplified check for javascript minification
    • different coloring for inline vs. external CSS and JS ("All CSS" and "All JS" features)
    • clickable list of resources as a Table of Contents ("All CSS" and "All JS" features)
    • improved colors and presentation in the "legend" of component pies under Stats
    • fixed a bug where the same hostname with different port number was counted as a separate DNS lookup
    • misc bugfixes and style tweaks

    In this version, as with the previous one, we aimed at supporting all possible combinations of the different Firefox and Firebug development branches, namely the latest Firefox 2 and 3 and the latest Firebug releases: 1.05 (stable), 1.1 (beta) and 1.2 (beta).

    Many thanks to everybody

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  • Editor's note: This post was originally published on hueniverse: thoughts on technology & open standards.

    OAuth graphic smallEveryone is talking about Open these days, and it is a very exciting kind of Open. It is the Open that allows developers to utilize the best resources available online and combine them into new and innovative products and experiences. The internet has always maintained a healthy balance allowing users to pick and choose the individual services that suit their needs. What this new Open adds, is the ability to allow new providers to build on top of the existing layer and improve it, rather than have to start from scratch. It also enables users to get more out of their existing online presence, making their digital assets do more for them.

    OAuth, an community-driven open standard was designed to address sharing of resources between services while maintaining full user ownership and privacy. We are all too accustomed by now to being asked for our username and password when joining a

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  • I've spent some of my evenings lately to build accessible alternative interfaces to successful social networks and "Web 2.0" sites. I've taken on feedback from disabled users and agencies that work with people with varying disabilities. The first was an easier interface to YouTube and now I tackled Flickr and cut it down to the bear necessities.

    An easier interface to Flickr

    As several people asked how I did the Flickr interface, I wrote up some step-by-step instructions, analyzing the issues and then taking the API to work around them.

    Check out How to create an alternative Flickr interface - step by step.

    This is one example where providing a good API can empower developers to remove barriers you might not be aware of for you. I hope to be able to show you more of those in the future - if there is interest.

    The code examples are available and are licensed with BSD, so feel free to re-use them.

    Chris Heilmann
    Yahoo Developer Network

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  • The SearchMonkey team is inviting a whole lot of developers throughout (well northwest) Europe to come and meet SearchMonkey experts, have a drink and some food and show and tell us what they could use SearchMonkey for.

    Three locations in parallel will be monkeyed up:

    So what are you waiting for? Go sign up and we'll see each other there next Wednesday!

    Chris Heilmann
    Yahoo Developer Network

  • First off, a confession--I've rewritten the first sentence of this post maybe a dozen times. (How's that for meta?) For one reason or another, I figured that writing about JavaScript would warrant some clever insight into the language. Some poetic tidbit that people could rally behind. The kind of voice that could shape a generation of empathetic web developers.

    Something like:

    Javascript is a language of alchemy, turning inconsistent behavior and design flaws into Web 2.0 gold.

    Or maybe:

    JavaScript is nothing short of quantum physics with its spooky action at a distance.

    Before I decided to go all self-referential with my introduction, I had tentatively settled on something I think we can all agree with:

    JavaScript is really, really weird.

    As weird as it is, there are a lot of good reasons to actually learn JavaScript, and not just pretend it's some other language with C syntax. It takes a great deal of insight into this language to understand its true potential, and Douglas Crockford

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