Hack India: Hyderabad — It’s a Wrap!

Hack India: Hyderabad — It’s a Wrap!

The energy at the 6th edition of Yahoo! Hack in India was electrifying as we counted down to the close of hacking at Yahoo! Hack Hyderabad, 2013. Over…

Internal Hackday Produces Record-Breaking 300 Hacks

Internal Hackday Produces Record-Breaking 300 Hacks

Yahoo! has been hosting internal Hackdays since 2005, and the traditio…

Demand is High for Yahoo! Hack India: Hyderabad

Demand is High for Yahoo! Hack India: Hyderabad

Photo credit to Reid Burke Since 2007, YDN has been hosting amazing Ha…

  • Adobe Max – Bizkit

    Adobe Max was recently in San Francisco where thousands of designers, developers, partners, executives, and Adobe staff converged at Mascone Center. Tom Hughes-Croucher spoke with the founders of Bizk.it, which is in beta with a unique suite of synchronized applications that together, will help to run your business more productively and efficiently:

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  • YDN at BarCamp Sheffield, UK

    This Saturday I went up north to attend BarCamp Sheffield 2. Held in the Showroom Café Bar, it was the perfect location for anyone travelling in from out of town given that it was literally just across the road from the train station. This was perfect for me since I'd been up since 5am to get there for opening time!

    The first thing I noticed was the number of people I didn't know. Where at a London based BarCamp I'd know maybe 80% of the attendees, at the beginning of the day in Sheffield I would have been hard pushed to have identified even 10%. Not that that's a bad thing - the life blood of BarCamps is getting diverse groups of people together to share the knowledge that everyone has. It turns out though that I wasn't the only one who didn't know many people at the event - there were many who had never been to a BarCamp before, and weren't sure what to expect. As one person said, "I was expecting everyone to be really nerdy, but... they're not."

    BarCamp Sheffield attendees
    Photo credit: Pete Hindle


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  • Back in August, Linux-based mobile open source project moblin.org announced a competition in Vietnam sponsored by Yahoo! to develop the coolest Moblin core, Linux-based applications for MID devices.

    Applications were sought for the entertainment, information, and communications segments. Entrants were asked to visualize their concept by explaining the look & feel, why it is cool, and describe how it will work, illustrated by photos or jpegs representing how it might look once developed.

    The finalists were chosen online by participants in the Moblin community, who picked the Top 10 most appealing applications they would like to see created. Uniqueness, performance, usability & cool-factor were among the factors in the judging.

    As part of their prize, the 10 finalists were invited this week to Yahoo!'s offices in Singapore.

    Moblin Vietnam competition finalists at Yahoo! Singapore

    The finalists now have until the end of the year to submit the actual executable version of their application for the second round of judging by local industry

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  • Most of us at the YDN couldn't make it to Sao Paolo for Brazil's recent Hack day, but with this video, we're able to spend a few tasty minutes catching the spirit and creative energy of Brazil Hack Day 2008. Props to Ryan Texeira and team for taking Hack to the southern hemisphere and to all the participants who made it rock.

  • One of the new features of Yahoo! BOSS is that it returns relevant keywords for each of the search results. You can use this to match a search term with relevant keywords for example to increase the search engine visibility of your web site. I've just released a free tool to do this for you: Keywordfinder. Here's a short explanation on how you can do the same only using JavaScript.

    Before we start, make sure you get an application ID for BOSS. Got one? Good, let's go!

    The plan to get to the keywords is simple: perform the search, get all the keywords and find out which keywords are most frequent.

    Turning that into to code is not quite as simple but not really magic either.

    First of all, we need to get the information from BOSS by assembling the right REST call and define a callback function.

    The URL for that is:


    This will search the web for term, return the

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  • More Mashup Camp Moments

    In case you're wondering what went on at Mashup Camp last week, here are some highlights. Camp started with a bang: these are the rules, this is your number, you're in this event, let's begin. People could roam unconferences, attend sessions, SpeedGeek, and compete in the best mashup contest. Activities ranged from optional to mandatory. This event was structured for geeks, by geeks.

    Take Speed Geeking. Based on the concept of speed dating, during the speed geeking sessions small groups of people rotated from demo to demo, sampling different technologies in rapid succession. On day one, solution providers had 3 minutes to present their technologies. On day three, mashup contestants had 5 minutes for their demos.


    Guiding people through the furious pace was the unmistakable bullhorn of Mashup Camp co-founder David Berlind. With horn in hand, Berlind diligently herded people through speed geeking, capturing key conference moments on the Mashup Camp website throughout the day.

    After the

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  • Adobe MAX took place recently in San Francisco. Thousands of designers, developers, partners, executives, and Adobe staff converged at Moscone Center. We managed to get some time to chat with Greg Wilson, Group Manager of Enterprise Evangelism at Adobe:

  • Greetings from Mashup Camp

    Mashup Camp 7 went off without a hitch last week, at the Computer History Museum in Mountain View, CA. YDN was there, with fabulous prizes for the Best Yahoo! Mash-Up. Fortunately, we brought three Flip video cameras, because there were three very worthy entries:

    Are you a visual searcher or learner? Check out Mark Kahn's JelloPhoto uses Flickr, Pipes, YouTube, and the Zembly mash-up environment to create a unique display of still and moving images around the search term or user name of your choice.

    Remember when you could actually see music videos on MTV? John Bardin and Drew Garcia's Veejay.TV brings back the good old pre-Real-World MTV experience and puts you at the controls. Built in a single night--yes, we checked, it's true--the service combines Yahoo! Music Search, OpenID, and some pretty slick front-end work to allow users to create and share music video sets, just like Adam Curry or Martha Quinn in the old days.

    Ready for a complete musical experience on your mobile

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  • We just returned from two solid events on the BOSS Hack Day world tour. Two weeks ago we were in London and drew a range of developers, including a few who were completely new to the platform and a handful of experienced BOSS hackers (such as the developer from BuildaSearch).

    The Paris event stood out for a couple of reasons. First, we were really pleased with the turnout. The event took place at a well-known Parisian co-working center called La Cantine that seemed to be a hub of the developer community in Paris – and it was packed. Even more impressive was how engaged everyone was. We started with a one-hour overview and technical discussion, broke for sushi and beer, and then split into two workshops – one on the BOSS Mashup Framework and one on building niche search engines using the BOSS API.

    Almost all developers stayed until 10:30 p.m. or later to learn more about BOSS and shared some excellent feedback on where we should take the product. Although neither of us speaks a lick

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  • Paris-Web

    Paris Web is the biggest technically oriented web conference in France (Le Web being more focused on entrepreneurship). It was put together in 2006 by the Paris-Web non-profit association, which was co-created by Éric Daspet, web developer for Yahoo! in France.

    The 2008 edition recently took place on 13 - 15 November and was supported by YDN. It was comprised of two days of conferences and one day of workshops, and for the first time included a second, less technical "decision-maker" track, held on the Day 2.

    I had missed the two previous events and heard many good things about Paris Web, but in all honesty it managed to exceed my expectations. The quality of the presentations was of the highest level and the atmosphere was fantastic.

    The presentations included a very hands-on demonstration of what accessibility is about (by Stéphane Deschamps and Aurélien Lévy), many details about the future of web browsers (representatives of the four big browser manufacturers were present for a

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