Appolicious launches YAP app finder

Appolicious, a website that helps people discover, rate, and review apps, today added a Yahoo! Apps section. In addition to providing a venue for user reviews and ratings, this new section of Appolicious explains what YAP apps are and how they work. It also highlights the hottest apps, features "Appolicious Advisor" reviews written by professional journalists, and showcases user-generated app lists. The full YAP app catalog is searchable and listed by category.

Appolicious main screen showing Yahoo! YAP tab

The YAP Yahoo! Apps tab appears next to the iPad/iPhone and Android app tabs, so you can expose your YAP apps to customers who are comfortable with the concept of small, easily-accessed online apps. Even if they didn't arrive at Appolicious looking for YAP apps, the Yahoo! Apps tab will prompt users to investigate. Your YAP apps are automatically added to the app database — you gain the benefits of inclusion in Appolicious without any extra effort.

Appolicious has created a deep social layer around apps. Users can follow each other, build wish lists, create app libraries, and engage in discussions about their favorite apps.

The site also integrates with Yahoo! in ways that make it easy for Yahoo! users to get started with Appolicious and share their site activity with friends. With authentication provided by user management provider JanRain, users can sign in with their Yahoo! account through the OpenID-OAuth Hybrid Protocol, which ties user activity to the Yahoo! Updates API.

Appolicious Yahoo! YAP apps list screen

When users rate, review, or add an application, that information feeds back to Yahoo! Pulse and beyond, generating more social activity. Your app gains authentic viral traction as more users find it in Appolicious.

To find out more about how to integrate your site with Yahoo! the way Appolicious did, take a look at our resources for publishers.

We're happy to see the addition of YAP apps to Appolicious, and we look forward to seeing your quality YAP apps benefitting from Appolicious user-generated lists, rankings, and reviews.