APIs found a new home on yahooapis.com – Flash developers: Immediate action required

When we launched our first APIs for Search, they were all located on api.search.yahoo.com. With an API offer that is growing every month, we have to separate APIs and our consumer offerings to make both easier to manage. All services that we offered on api.-property-.yahoo.com are now available at .yahooapis.com as well. Please refer to the documentation for details. Starting today, new APIs, updates and bug fixes will only be available on the yahooapis.com and in the mid-term we are planning to turn off the old endpoints so please update your applications as soon as possible.

Important for Flash developers: You need to update your applications with the new endpoints by December 11th because api.-property-.yahoo.com will no longer support Flash calls after that date.

We know that this will have a big impact for some of you and we apologize for that. Yahoo APIs infrastructure is still fairly new and we want to optimize the set-up now so that we don't have to make those changes in the future.

Dan Theurer