Apachecon EU 2009: Amsterdam and the Cloud

And no, we're not referring just to the cloudy weather in the Netherlands, nor to the aftermath of a night on the town in Amsterdam. From March 23-27, Amsterdam was host to this year?s ApacheCon EU, the Apache Software Foundation conference where ASF Members and committers, innovators, developers, vendors, and users get together to discuss about the future of Open Source development and the various Apache projects.

It was a really packed week with top-level talks from the representatives of different ASF projects. The topics ranged from use cases for the Apache license as business model, to deep-dive technical talks on Apache Solr or Map-Reduce optimizations in Hadoop. And speaking of Hadoop -- Yahoo! was well-represented as a main contributor, and alongside our colleagues from Cloudera in the ?Big Data? track.

Yahoo Hadoop team at Apachecon EU

This conference also marked the 10 year anniversary of the Apache Software Foundation (you can read the whole story on their website). Lars Eilebrecht (Apache Foundation co-founder) managed to convince everybody to get up in stage and sing ?Happy birthday, Apache? in his closing Lightning talk. Quite emotive (and geeky too, we know)!

In a proper ?open? fashion, most of the presentations and videos are available from the main ApacheCon EU site or will be available soon. Check out Yahoo Raghu Ramakrishnan's keynote presentation: Data Management in the Cloud.

We?d like to thank the Apache Software Foundation and the ApacheCon organizers for such a wonderful work in organization and look forward to at least another 10 more years of open source success!

Ricardo Varela
Engineering Lead
Yahoo! EU Mobile