Another Fantastic IIT Kharagpur!


Photo credit to events.india

Now that HackU has reached Kharagpur for the 3rd year in a row, students are able to identify technical challenges facing the Web industry (e.g., Local, Social, Media, Commerce, Connections, and Content platforms). This breakthrough has resulted in a significant fraction of hacks around topics especially relevant to Yahoo!’s core business offers, like News, Personalization, Content quality, Music, Travel, Finance, Chat and UGC (tweets, answers, follower graph).

Some of the most impactful hacks have won through deep thought underlying scientific techniques, including data/opinion mining, entity extraction, natural language processing and the like, deployed to tackle these challenges, ensuring sustainable differentiation for such implementations. Of course, as hacks are fast prototypes, developed within 24 hours, some of these may need follow up and nurturing to persist beyond the event, to gain mindshare among their users and even to impact corporate product roadmaps, becoming successful ventures. That said, there were 48 hacks in all, which is the highest number of hacks in any HackU thus far!

Other hacks took a stab at popular development focuses like Mobile and Human Machine Interaction. While many hacks created social interaction and content consumption experiences for mobile some others were apps that allowed the mobile to be used as a wireless mouse to interact with the desktop. On the human machine interaction front, there were multiple hacks that demonstrated using gestures to interact with the computer. Another hack looked at using a photo to detect a person and the kind of social connection you share with her.


Winner: WikiGist by team Visual Wiki (Vipul Jain, Nadeem Anjum, Saurabh Agrawal, Devender Bindal)

Runner UpFollower Circles by team The Hackateers (Rajanya Dhar, Sonam Kumari, Sunandita Patra,  Anusha Suresh)

Second Runner UpStory Line by team Story Line (Shrey Sharma, Vikas Sahu, Aayush Goel, Vinodh Kumar Sunkara)

Hackers Choice award: Train QueRies by team Train QueRies (Siddharth Rakesh, Arpit Kumar, Sachin Kumar, Yash Bajaj) - This was based on popular voting on

Tech Crew Favorite team: Hack 463 - A group of 1st year students who swam against the tide came up with this hack that was built ground up in 24 hrs.

Jury Favorite: Hack 464 - Solves a real local problem and enables inclusiveness for local communities in the digital marketplace.

Hon'ble Mention: Hack 460 - It helps a group of people decide on a meeting place.

Some quirky hacks:

Grammar Nazi - Hack 469 – A browser extension to steer clear of grammar snobs on the web.

IntelliMute - Hack 513 – Will turn your smart phone into silent mode automatically once you enter a classroom by sensing the wifi hotspots in the classroom.

Hisab Kitab - Hack 515 – An app to help friends manage shared expenses.