Announcing the Whaddyathink? Application on the Yahoo! Homepage

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As seen on My Yahoo!, we’re proud to announce the Yahoo! homepage integration of the Ask and Answer application (the application formally known as Whaddyathink?). When running through your daily news digest on the Yahoo! homepage, now you can take a break to answer your most difficult questions. Let your friends plus the public help you decide – kind of like having unlimited lifelines on “Who Wants to be a Millionaire,” but without the crushing disappointment of losing because of an audience that refuses to be correct!

Voting - Now With More Oomph!

Whaddyathink? Logo
Polls made up of just your friends seem biased, right? Well, with Ask and Answer, your friends can participate, but they don’t necessarily have to influence your polling decisions. You choose. Now you can vote on the polls of random strangers without risking any broken friendships – and you can get honest feedback from the masses. The votes of strangers naturally are weighted lower than your actual friends. Your friends will be floated straight to the top of the voting ring so you can always see what questions your BFF needs answered on a particular day.

Technology Updates - Hitting the Nitro

Using the greatest in new loading technology from the Yahoo! Application Platform, Ask and Answer implements a new YML tag called include. This allows us to load the latest and freshest polls for you each and every time you view the application. This upgrade provides a staggered load to optimize the full application and user experience.

Send Us Your Feedback

Love the application? Want a new feature added? Send us all of your feedback through our new forum system at We can’t wait to hear what you think!

Ask and Answer Team
Jonathan LeBlanc (@jcleblanc)
Erik Eldridge (@erikeldridge)
Dan Theurer (@dantheurer)