Announcing the Silverlight Developer Center

Last year the MIX07 conference had lots of exciting news for Rich Internet Application developers. MIX08 starts this week and we're happy to announce our new Developer center aimed at Silverlight 1.0 while we wait for the final release of version 2.0. Our goal was to create a starting point and handy reference for learning and using Silverlight. We cover all the basics and have lots of samples and links to other resources on the web.

There's also a special treat for code junkies. We made a class diagram poster covering all the Silverlight 1.0 classes and made it available in multiple formats. So feel free to appropriate the company plotter and decorate your cube (Umm, okay. Ask for permission first). The classes are also grouped into the currently known 2.0 namespaces to help you transition when the time comes.

Tomi Blinnikka
Y! Media Innovation Group