Announcing a New Open Source Application Development Book

Programming Social ApplicationsI'd like to officially announce a new upcoming book from Yahoo! Press and O'Reilly Media, "Programming Social Applications." The purpose of this book is to explore the open source technologies that are employed in the industry to do everything from user authentication and authorization to building social applications, as well as constructing an application hosting container and working with distributed web frameworks. Each section will provide an in-depth look into the technology offering, showing you how to use it and explaining how the implementations help you.

The book will dive into a number of technical topics including:

In addition to specific technologies, the book goes into detail, with practical examples, on the topics that build the inner workings of a social platform or application, including:

  • The online social graph, relationship models and understanding user identity.
  • How to monetize your applications and increase your audience.
  • Dissecting real-world application successes and failures.
  • Understanding how applications and social networking containers work, from implementation to security.
  • Working with application views, permissions and best practices.
  • Case studies looking into how good applications go bad.

All code within "Programming Social Applications" is written in JavaScript for front-end examples and both PHP and Python for all server-side implementations, so that each technical offering is easy to consume and implement without much modification.

This book is currently available in the O'Reilly Rough Cuts program or on Amazon for anyone who would like to pre-order the text or provide feedback on the content. For those wishing for a print copy of the book, it will be available from O'Reilly in July from the product page.

To follow updates about the progress and release of the book:

If you have any questions about the book you can reach me at the above channels or directly via Twitter @jcleblanc.