Announcing a Node.js Book Project

I hope you've all been following along with all the great stuff that's been happening at YUIConf this year.

As part of the conference proceedings, I'm excited to announce a preview release of my upcoming book for Yahoo! Press in association with O'Reilly Media. Up and Running With Node.js is a guide to Node.js aimed at giving you the combination of the background knowledge you need to use Node well, and the hands-on tutorials you need to get started fast.

While this initial release isn't a huge one, as we progress through the process of writing we are going to be periodically sharing drafts of the book with the community. We'd love to get your thoughts and feedback on what we are doing. I've based much of what I've written on the many Node talks I've given at conferences world-wide. I hope we can write the book that you need to make the most of the amazing platform Node.js offers, so all feedback is helpful.

You can download the Node Book Preview as a PDF. I look forward to hearing from you.

— Tom