Agile Blindside, DOOM, Heatmaps, Twitter backgrounds, IMDB 250, ASCIImeo, Polygons

Tornadoes in Springfield, MA; banana-belt weather in London, England; a muggy heat-wave in Atlanta, GA; and Alaska weather in Silicon Valley! Depend on Tech Thursday for a few good links:

- Use websockets and CSS 3D to rotate your iPhone and watch your desktop browser respond.

- A video of dogs on skateboards in ascii text.

- How-to customize your background on Twitter.

- IMDB 250 on Netflix Instant, project from a former Yahoo! hacker @ptarjan.

- Polygonal map generation. What could you do with 1,000 polygons?

- Use mobjectify to quickly mock up your mobile website prototype.

- A quick reference to get you up to speed on how to do everything you know in Adobe Flash with Corona SDK.

- Build canvas-based heatmaps with heatmap.js.

- Things not to do in order to succeed at Agile project management.

- The original DOOM ported to a browser near you with HTML5 and JavaScript.