So how do you find all address information in the UK? Ask the Yahoo! Geo Technologies team

The small island that is the United Kingdom is full of mysteries: Stonehenge, Druids, the stiff upper lip, things considered food sold to tourists in London, the random difference between the data on the train schedule and the real arrival times, the joy of nesting roundabouts (see below) and many more.

The magic roundabout in Swindon, England

One of the more baffling issues about Blighty is the address system and how to get the hierarchy of an address (as in what is the county, the part of the United Kingdom and so on). Whilst Britannia rules the waves in this respect many a time it waives the rules.

This confused far and foremost Andrew Woods who tried to get this information for a web app and failed to do so. Broken, disheartened and annoyed he didn't turn to drink but instead to Twitter where he asked me of all people for advice. Being the cunning networker that I am I re-tweeted this (crowdsourcing - another pound in the buzzword kitty) and got the attention of our very own Gary Gale, benevolent overlord of the Geo Technologies team in the UK office of Yahoo.

He took on the challenge and put up a wonderful blog post explaining the jungle that is UK address information. Go forth and be merry and get the whole scoop over at the Yahoo Geo Technologies blog: UK Addressing, The Non Golden Rules of Geo or Help! My County Doesn?t Exist.

Christian Heilmann
Yahoo Developer Network