10 commandments, gummy bear Tetris, code-sharing, Super Mario Bros, 3D objects, and CSS hacks

Links for a partly rainy day in May:

- The 10 commandments of good source-control management.

- Ten pounds of gummi bears were used to create this video of Tetris rendered with gummy bears.

- More emulator fun, GameBoy Color in JavaScript and HTML5.

- Use Codesnipp.it to follow your favorite developers, share your code, and find coding help.

- In defense of CSS hacks, a guide to CSS hacks for IE.

- View Flickr's most interesting images in 3D space using TiltViewer.

- Learn how to create a Super Mario Bros game in JavaScript.

- How to write unmaintainable code.

- Textify lets you visualize images using HTML text.

- Rendering 3D objects with CSS3 using dom3d.