Yahoo! Technical Women Lead Cloud Services Demo and Drinks Open House

Yahoo Demos and Drinks 478

Yahoos at Demos&Drinks

Yahoo! CPG Cloud Services attracted an excellent turnout for an open-house Demos and Drinks evening on March 29, at our Sunnyvale headquarters. Pizza, beer, raffle prizes and great technology were the draw. A full crowd of both Yahoos and external guests were on hand as intro videos rolled, intermixing vignettes of product leaders and Yahoo!'s flash mob dancers.

Yahoo's technical women had a big part in the evening's success! Shobana Radhakrishnan, Yahoo! Cloud Services Director of Program Management and Engineering Excellence, welcomed the attendees to the event and introduced Elissa Murphy, VP of Cloud Services, whose team hosted this event as a showcase of the cloud technology, a core piece of the Yahoo! technology infrastructure that powers all the Yahoo! applications users know and love…and also as an event to attract new recruits to Yahoo!'s most creative and fast-paced development groups. "Enjoy yourselves tonight," Elissa concluded; "We have food, drinks - and JOBS!".

Participants were ready for a good time, as they circulated among technology stations placed around the fabulously architected URL's Café, surrounded by all the legendary trademarks of Yahoo!'s campus - the gourmet cafeteria, free-flowing espresso bar, gym and games tables. Cameron Johnson, Product Director, was showing off Yahoo! IntoNow on the big screen, demonstrating how it listens to the TV program you're watching, serves you up related content on your iPad, and lets you interact with friends who are watching the same program. "My team is small," Cameron said, "but we are working on a fun, exciting application that is having a lot of impact in the market. It's a great team."

Christine Ying, Senior Product Manager and Johanna Hoadley, Product Director showed us how their beautiful Livestand application turns your iPad into an easy to use, natural gesture-based media reader with over 230 great titles available. "Our developers created this application on top of Yahoo!'s innovative Cocktails technology.” We also spoke with Lie Yang, Director of Engineering for Cocktails, Yahoo!'s technology stack designed to work across all devices. Lie said, "We have ambitious goals, and we are looking for developers with high standards who share our vision." Nellian Solaiappan, a Quality Engineering manager in Yahoo! Cloud Services, echoed the cutting edge theme. "All requests to Yahoo! from the outside world go through our Cloud Services platform. The scale at which we serve up content is incredible. We're looking for people who want to have that kind of big impact."

Thanks to all who attended - we had a wonderful time talking and making new contacts. For more information about opportunities in these exciting Yahoo! technology teams, please check out Yahoo! Careers.