Looking Back at Career Week 2011 with WIT

Yahoo! Women In Tech played a major role in Yahoo! Career Week 2011. As the only Employee Resource Group (ERG) with an active chapter in Southern California, WIT organized the events in the Burbank and Santa Monica offices, which took place the week of March 21-25, with sponsorship and help from Human Resources - the Talent and Organization Development group. The Bay Area chapter hosted a Girl Geek Dinner.

We hosted this year's Career Week events hoping to send out a message about empowerment – the power that each and every Yahoo has to drive their own career path; maximize their opportunities to learn something new and interesting; and create an experience that aims to satisfy intellectual (and individual) curiosity.

Navigating the Career MazeNavigating the Career Maze

Navigating the Career Maze

The Career Development @ Yahoo! Workshop, designed to help employees use Yahoo!'s online tools for developing and refining their career goals, drew 53 people Monday in the Burbank office and 20 on Tuesday in Santa Monica. Sasha Grinshpun of Talent Mosaic led the interactive workshop in both offices. Susan Burnett, SVP of Talent and Organization Development, came down from the Bay Area to assist in the workshops, and she also presented "Navigating the Career Maze" at both offices, which saw 72 attendees in Burbank on Tuesday and 31 in Santa Monica on Monday nosh on munchies and hear ideas on having the dialogues they need to reach their goals.

Yahoo! CTO Raymie Stata speaks at the Future of Technology at Yahoo! BrunchYahoo! CTO Raymie Stata speaks at the Future of Technology at Yahoo! Brunch

Yahoo! CTO Raymie Stata speaks at the Future of Technology at Yahoo! Brunch

The Burbank office also had a special visit from CTO Raymie Stata, who spoke on The Future of Technology at Yahoo! over brunch on Thursday. The Burbank Fun Committee also presented films about diverse groups in America during lunch each day.

Girl Geek Dinner Food spreadGGD

A view of the food spread at the Girl Geek Dinner

On March 22, WIT Sunnyvale hosted this year's Girl Geek Dinner on the main campus. About 400 people came to check out the fabulous food, various exhibits and demonstrations, and to hear a panel discussion of Yahoo! women on their careers. Make sure you check out David Calhoun's post, Girl Geek Dinner from a Guy Geek's Point of View to see what you missed!