Let’s Do Lunch: Strengthen your Connections in Times of Change!

By Katherine Leahey

With the theme of this quarter’s lunch, Strengthen your connections in times of change, we acknowledged that there’s been a lot of change at Yahoo! these last few months. The session prompted some lively discussion about how to effectively deal with change, with a focus on networking and building relationships at work.

Elissa Murphy, Vice President of Product Development, kicked off the meeting with some advice about the importance of nurturing relationships. Hard work alone won’t get you where you want to be in your career, she cautioned; we need to also be conscious about developing relationships and nurturing your networks because other people can be greatest resource when it comes to unearthing career opportunities.

Alison Hu from Talent and Organizational Development (T&OD) then facilitated the event’s discussion, beginning by having participants think about how they were impacted by the company’s recent changes. Her “Richter Scale” activity invited participants to identify on a chart how deeply they felt the company’s changes, along a curve modeled after an earthquake’s impact. In small groups, each attendee was then encouraged to share her impressions of the changes, as well strategies for effectively moving forward.

As the event winded down, several participants offered thoughts on Gil Yehuda’s article, “Why do people still work at Yahoo? ”, which offers one employee’s honest answer to the question of his friends in the wake of Yahoo!’s recent changes. We shared our own answers to this question, with several women expressing that there is opportunity in the midst of change, and agreement that we can be optimistic about Yahoo!’s future and our role in it.