Hackday just gets more and more innovative at Yahoo!

What's a Hackday?

A 24-hour event filled with coding, collaboration, innovation, creativity and enough food and drink to fuel all of that! Hackday give Yahoos and opportunity to work in cross-functional teams to create something new that improves upon a Yahoo! product or service, or to create something entirely new altogether!

This year's event start on Thursday, May 10th as 60+ teams from global offices all over the world started hacking away. “One of my favorite products from Hackday was called “Bad Ass Ads,” said Erik Suhonen, Head of the Yahoo! Developer Network, describing a Hackday conception that built living ads through the Cocktails platform. “In only 24 hours, it’s absolutely amazing to see the innovation that these employees create on top of Yahoo! technologies to expand and improve this company in such a meaningful and significant way.” (quote taken from Yodel Anecdotal's article)

The event was a little different this quarter as there was pre-judging by the judges and then the finalists presented at an event in URLs (the cafeteria and main gathering space at Yahoo! HQ). Many thanks to the So Cal WIT team for putting together the Hackday event down in Burbank, CA so that our Southern Californian Yahoos could feel like they were there at the event!

Thank you to all the wonderful volunteers and participants that made this such a great event! Congratulations as well the Hackday winners!