Career Week 2011 in SoCal: Navigating the Career Maze with Susan Burnett

As part of Career Week 2011, Susan Burnett, SVP of Talent & Organization Development, visited the Burbank office on March 22 to discuss "Navigating the Career Maze." To help illustrate how careers can develop through a combination of planning and of chance, Susan interviewed Sarah Hughes, VP, Program Management for the Yahoo! & Microsoft Search Alliance. They reflected on how Sarah's interests, goals, opportunities, and life decisions had all interacted to bring her to the position she is in today.

Susan stressed the need for everyone to evaluate their own interests, strengths, and goals. She placed heavy emphasis on having the conversations necessary to work through issues and to weather change, as well as encouraging attendes to reach out to people outside their normal spheres of interaction in order to share their own visions and to
expand their networks.

She urged all of us to discover and work toward the future opportunities we want and need, and in the end, to "Find the You in Yahoo!."

Susan Burnett asks Sarah Hughes about her career path during Career Week