Career Week 2011 in SoCal: The Future of Technology at Yahoo! with Raymie Stata

Raymie Stata, Yahoo!'s Chief Technology Officer, visited the Burbank office on March 24 as part of Career Week 2011 to discuss "The Future of Technology at Yahoo!." Armed with slides and enthusiasm, he presented his vision of pushing Yahoo! to "bet on technology" for tackling the difficult problems that require innovative and cutting-edge solutions.

While large-scale projects might be seen as risky, Raymie stressed that delivering revenue-producing applications in a modular fashion is key to making big, envelope-pushing types of projects work in today's Yahoo!.

Using development methodologies such as Continuous Integration and finding ways to integrate projects so they make the best use of Yahoo!'s ad and content serving and user preference data, the company will be able to prove its relevance to the future of the Internet. Raymie urged us to push ambitious, game-changing digital media technologies and emphasized the need to iterate, integrate, and deliver on schedule.

Raymie Stata

Raymie Stata visits Burbank during Career Week