• Let’s Do Lunch – Yahoo! Women Give Great Advice

    March 1st 2011
    Let’s Do Lunch Event

    Women In Tech had lunch with three extraordinary Yahoo! leaders: Cheryl Ainoa, Fay Hellal and Yvette Martinez-Rea. Guests enjoyed Portos and some amazing insight.

    The speakers answered audience questions such as:

    • “How do you deal with difficult people?”
    • “What are the benefits of having an MBA?”
    • “As a mother, how do you practice work-life balance?”
    • “How do we nurture a woman’s ambition?”

    Here’s what our speakers recommended:

    • Know your manager’s, manager’s goals and help your boss to achieve those goal
    • Know your boundaries at home and at work
    • Know your priorities for excellence
    • Manage your guilt, set appropriate expectations
    • Set clear objectives when dealing with difficult people
    • And last, "Redefine difficult." Remember people process information differently

    Key Insights on career development:

    1. Create a board of directors for your life compiled of the following types of board members from varied professions: a person two levels higher (mentor
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  • Welcome to the Yahoo! Women in Tech Blog

    Welcome to the Yahoo! Women in Tech blog! Yahoo! Women in Tech (WIT) is a grassroots organization focused on helping women succeed in their careers at Yahoo! by providing inspiration and support for our employees and the next generation of technical women. The organization was started by Karolina Buchner in October of 2006 as a way for women at Yahoo! to connect with and support each other and to also grow together. WIT is one of Yahoo!'s many Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). Our ERGs help Yahoo! support and leverage our diversity to achieve better business results. Our group holds three main types of events:

    • Seminars and Panels, where we ask leaders inside and outside of Yahoo! to give advice and talk about their career path
    • Networking and Outreach, where we provide opportunities for women to meet and interact via workshops, dinners, and volunteer activities
    • K-12 Programs, where we work with girls of all ages with the hope of inspiring them to come into technology.

    We currently have

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  • Looking Back at Career Week 2011 with WIT

    Yahoo! Women In Tech played a major role in Yahoo! Career Week 2011. As the only Employee Resource Group (ERG) with an active chapter in Southern California, WIT organized the events in the Burbank and Santa Monica offices, which took place the week of March 21-25, with sponsorship and help from Human Resources - the Talent and Organization Development group. The Bay Area chapter hosted a Girl Geek Dinner.

    We hosted this year's Career Week events hoping to send out a message about empowerment – the power that each and every Yahoo has to drive their own career path; maximize their opportunities to learn something new and interesting; and create an experience that aims to satisfy intellectual (and individual) curiosity.

    Navigating the Career MazeNavigating the Career Maze

    Navigating the Career Maze

    The Career Development @ Yahoo! Workshop, designed to help employees use Yahoo!'s online tools for developing and refining their career goals, drew 53 people Monday in the Burbank office and 20 on Tuesday in Santa Monica. Sasha Grinshpun of

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  • Career Workshop in Santa Monica

  • YDN Blog

  • Raymie Stata, Yahoo!'s Chief Technology Officer, visited the Burbank office on March 24 as part of Career Week 2011 to discuss "The Future of Technology at Yahoo!." Armed with slides and enthusiasm, he presented his vision of pushing Yahoo! to "bet on technology" for tackling the difficult problems that require innovative and cutting-edge solutions.

    While large-scale projects might be seen as risky, Raymie stressed that delivering revenue-producing applications in a modular fashion is key to making big, envelope-pushing types of projects work in today's Yahoo!.

    Using development methodologies such as Continuous Integration and finding ways to integrate projects so they make the best use of Yahoo!'s ad and content serving and user preference data, the company will be able to prove its relevance to the future of the Internet. Raymie urged us to push ambitious, game-changing digital media technologies and emphasized the need to iterate, integrate, and deliver on schedule.

    Raymie Stata


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  • As part of Career Week 2011, Susan Burnett, SVP of Talent & Organization Development, visited the Burbank office on March 22 to discuss "Navigating the Career Maze." To help illustrate how careers can develop through a combination of planning and of chance, Susan interviewed Sarah Hughes, VP, Program Management for the Yahoo! & Microsoft Search Alliance. They reflected on how Sarah's interests, goals, opportunities, and life decisions had all interacted to bring her to the position she is in today.

    Susan stressed the need for everyone to evaluate their own interests, strengths, and goals. She placed heavy emphasis on having the conversations necessary to work through issues and to weather change, as well as encouraging attendes to reach out to people outside their normal spheres of interaction in order to share their own visions and to
    expand their networks.

    She urged all of us to discover and work toward the future opportunities we want and need, and in the end, to "Find the You

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