• Poised for Leadership Workshop at Yahoo!

    Women motivated to create their own roadmaps into positions of responsibility and influence attended the Poised for Leadership workshop. Co-sponsored by Women’s Leadership Coaching and Yahoo! Women in Tech SoCal, the workshop drew participants from a wide range of companies. Led by Jo Miller, CEO of Women’s Leadership Coaching, the workshop was informative and fun! Jo’s inspirational and engaging teaching style created a comfortable environment as we participated in group activities and shared personal stories with the class.
    Jo MillerPoised for Leadership_Jo Miller
    Jo explained that being a leader is not about having a certain number of employees reporting to you, or having a certain number of teams. It can be about a commitment to making a positive difference. “You can stay in the job you love being in today and be the best you can be,” said Jo.

    Jo referred to office politics as “organization awareness” in which it is important to be a savvy observer of the communication and relationships that surround you in your

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  • An elite group of young ladies from the YMCA came to visit Y! WIT here in Burbank. Many of the girls were Seniors in High School who are working out their futures with careful planning. The Y! WIT team, led by Yolanda Person-Collins, spent time with the ladies in a true mentor fashion; conveying the reality of the hardships of life alongside the excitement for their future. Many women from Yahoo! spoke, some with hard-knock lives and others successful with no degree to speak of, showing the girls that each person has their own path. The WIT team reinforced the unique path idea by assisting them with personality tests. The Meyer’s Briggs test showed them in which areas they may be best suited for a career. All in all, the girls responded well to the ideas. Three Seniors in High School cited Christine Del Muro as an inspiration to follow their dreams. Many girls that age admit to feeling lost. We hope the little time we had with them could promote confidence to reach out to older women

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  • Do You Have Imposter Syndrome?

    On June 9, 2011, Yahoo! Women in Tech SoCal brought together Yahoo! leaders to discuss a psychological phenomenon known as Imposter Syndrome. The discussion was part of WIT SoCal’s ongoing Let’s Do Lunch series of seminars focusing on topics relevant to women in the workplace. Those with Imposter Syndrome do not believe they deserve their achievement and dismiss the success as luck, timing, or as a result of deceiving others into thinking they are more intelligent and competent than they believe themselves to be.

    WIT SoCal’s Executive Sponsor and Vice President of Products Org Transformation, Yvette Martinez-Rea moderated the panel. The panel of speakers included Senior Director of Network Quality Kim Furzer, Senior Product Marketing Manager Aislinn Hettermann, and Senior Service Engineering Manager Jyothi Sunnadkal. The panelists from different working backgrounds and cultures provided a very compelling discussion.

    Imposter Syndrome 1

    As attendees filled the room, grabbed lunch and took their seats,

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  • Looking Back at Summer Hackday 2011 in Southern California

    Summer Hackday 2011
    Yahoo! has been hosting company-wide Hackdays two or three times a year now for several years, and while Yahoos in the Southern California offices were welcome to work on hacks, they didn't have the support of an organized local event. That changed for Summer Hackday 2011. The SoCal chapter of Yahoo!'s Women in Tech group, with funding from the Yahoo! Developer Network, put together a great environment for local hackers to collaborate and concentrate on their hacks.

    Hackday Idea Lunch in Burbank

    Prospective hackers listen to pitches over pizza

    A week before Hackday, potential hackers came together to pitch ideas and find interested hackers. Hacking wasn't limited to engineers who fit the traditional definition of computer hacking. The Southern California offices have a large proportion of people in the advertising and business side, but they still have many of the necessary hacking skills: ideas, aesthetic input, and enthusiasm.

    By the time Hackday rolled around, 19 hackers worked on several local projects

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  • “Girl Geek Dinner” in Bangalore

    What was the best part about this Girl Geek Dinner? One girl geek wrote in the feedback form, “There were no men.” Laughs aside, Yahoo!’s first Girl Geek Dinner in India generated a huge buzz for all the right reasons. From new entrants to industry veterans, girl geeks of every hue and standing came to this event, making it an unparalleled opportunity to network.

    Over 275 women technologists from organizations like Cisco, NetApp, Google, Microsoft and IBM braved the rush-hour traffic to connect over dinner at The Leela Palace in Bangalore on June 9. Though the number of women in the tech industry in India has continued to climb since the dramatic growth of the IT industry in the mid ’90s, and is now around 25 per cent, networking events for women are not that common.
    For some attendees, Girl Geek Dinner was nothing short of inspirational. “It led me to realize that women can do more,” said one girl geek, referring to the real-life stories of women technologists achieving against all

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  • Kicking Off Women in Tech!

    It’s a fresh, new season for Women in Tech (WIT), and we hit the ground running! Since the beginning of the year, Women in Tech has been buzzing with insightful discussions about managing our careers and finding the opportunities that will launch us toward our dreams and aspirations. During our recent 2011 WIT Kickoff event, some of our colleagues generously shared practical tips on how we can move forward in our careers as members of Women in Tech. Missed the event? Never fear. Here’s a recap of the main pieces of advice shared.

    SVP Global Service Engineering and Women in Tech member Cheryl Ainoa reminded us why it's such an exciting time for women to be in the field, especially at Yahoo!.

    Cheryl analyzed the typical female professional’s mindset, illustrating how common it is for women to place themselves last on their own to-do lists. Like a parent who resolves to pair veggies and junk food together for a child stubborn about eating his greens, women must also think about helping

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  • rhok-20

  • At the 2010 Grace Hopper Conference, the Open Source for Good panel threw down a 20% challenge for women engineers: Represent! The challenge was for the upcoming December 2010 Random Hacks of Kindness (RHoK) participation to consist of 20% women.

    As a result of the challenge, RHoK included more than 30% female participation in Chicago and 5 of the 20 locations worldwide had greater than 20% female participation. In addition, the winning team in Chicago was four-fifths female in composition.
    To encourage women to continue participating, we are continuing the challenge for the June 2011 RHoK.

    Yahoo! travel scholarship available for Women in Computer Science students

    We’re excited to announce that Yahoo! will once again fund one female university student up to US$800 to attend the RHOK event. Any full-time female university student who is able to attend the event in Seattle in person, may enter the competition.

    To enter, write a short paragraph of no more than 250 words about why you

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  • Take Your Kids To Work Day – Yahooligan Style

    WIT had the honor of hosting the Yahooligans (Yahoo! employees' children) on Thursday, April 28th 2011.

    A Few Yahooligans
    A Few Yahooligans
    When the kids arrived in the morning, they were beyond excited to find a scavenger hunt awaiting, with a treasure (prize) at the end. The scavenger hunt gave riddles to the Yahooligans, guiding them to various spots on the Media Studios North Campus. For the kids, crayons marked the spot: giant chessboard, jaguar sculpture, mini golf course, cacti, the SOC room, and the rose garden. The prize was not won merely for finishing the scavenger hunt, they also had to create a unique Yahoo! logo. The talent of these kids was outstanding. Here are a few of the kids and their logos.

    A Few YahooligansA Few Yahooligans

    At the end of the day, they were greeted with gift bags and rootbeer floats!
    A parent, Kristin Van Cuyck said of the event, "Heston said he had the best day of his life since he got to be with me at work. He also thought Yahoo! was way cool."

    All in all, we couldn't tell who had more fun, the kids or the

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  • Looking Back: UCLA HKN Campus Tour

    February 24th 2011
    UCLA HKN Campus Tour and Engineer Panel


    WIT and University Recruiting teamed up to sponsor a Burbank campus tour for a UCLA Honors Society for Engineers called HKN. The event was attended by 14 people, both men and women. Jothi Sunnedkal and Kelly Duggan showed the students around the campus, both inside and out: the NOC, the Research Lab, and the layout of the Media Studios North. When the tour was over, a panel of Y! Engineers were waiting to answer any questions about Y! day to day life and culture. The panelists included:

    1. Jyothi Sunnedkal - Senior Manager, Service Engineer
    2. Maggie Shih - Senior Product Manager
    3. Marco Morais – Engineering Manager, Tiger Team
    4. Saritha Ivaturi - Lead Data Quality Engineer on our Display Advertising Platform.
    5. Eric Thomason - Principle Interaction Designer in our Advertising Products Division

    Their combined years working for Y! and in within the digital realm, is longer than the internet has been around, so the students

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