• Elissa at WIT lunchGroup discussion at WIT lunch

    Elissa leads the discussion at WIT's Let's Do Lunch event

    As a technical writer in the Customer Care department, I don’t often have the chance to ask for career advice from people like Yahoo!’s Vice President of Technology, Elissa Murphy. But that’s just what I was able to do at yesterday’s "Let's Do Lunch" event! Elissa is the executive sponsor of Women in Tech, and she joined us for a lunch where WIT members could ask questions about anything impacting their careers at Yahoo!.

    Last year, this was one of our highest-rated events, and by popular demand, we brought Elissa back for a similar, informal chat. Participants sat in a large circle, and brought up a wide range of questions for Elissa -- from how to ask a collegue to be mentor, to what to do if the role you were originally hired for evolves into something different. We didn’t hesitate from asking some tough questions, and Elissa didn’t shrink from answering them.

    One of my favorite questions: How you ask someone to be your

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  • ERGs Host “Surviving Executive Presentations” Workshop

    Author and trainer Frederick Gilbert has mastered the art of giving a presentation to executives, and last week he came to Yahoo! to help us brush up our skills. Yahoo!'s Employee Resource Groups (of which Women in Tech is a proud member) hosted the 90-minute workshop, which was packed with evidence-based advice on what executives want to see in a presentation -- and how to get your point across effectively.

    My favorite tip? Ditch your red laser pointer if you have one, and use an elegant chrome presentation pointer instead. Surveys say that people don’t like the red pointers, and you don’t need a survey to tell you that it’s annoying when a presenter forgets to turn the laser pointer off.

    In case you’re prepping for a big presentation, here are some ideas that Gilbert shared:

    • Present your conclusion first. It might get lost otherwise.
    • Remember that C-level executives are under a lot of time-pressure and stress. At any public company, the executive office isn’t where the most
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  • By Katherine Leahey

    With the theme of this quarter’s lunch, Strengthen your connections in times of change, we acknowledged that there’s been a lot of change at Yahoo! these last few months. The session prompted some lively discussion about how to effectively deal with change, with a focus on networking and building relationships at work.

    Elissa Murphy, Vice President of Product Development, kicked off the meeting with some advice about the importance of nurturing relationships. Hard work alone won’t get you where you want to be in your career, she cautioned; we need to also be conscious about developing relationships and nurturing your networks because other people can be greatest resource when it comes to unearthing career opportunities.

    Alison Hu from Talent and Organizational Development (T&OD) then facilitated the event’s discussion, beginning by having participants think about how they were impacted by the company’s recent changes. Her “Richter Scale” activity invited

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  • Hackday just gets more and more innovative at Yahoo!

    What's a Hackday?

    A 24-hour event filled with coding, collaboration, innovation, creativity and enough food and drink to fuel all of that! Hackday give Yahoos and opportunity to work in cross-functional teams to create something new that improves upon a Yahoo! product or service, or to create something entirely new altogether!

    This year's event start on Thursday, May 10th as 60+ teams from global offices all over the world started hacking away. “One of my favorite products from Hackday was called “Bad Ass Ads,” said Erik Suhonen, Head of the Yahoo! Developer Network, describing a Hackday conception that built living ads through the Cocktails platform. “In only 24 hours, it’s absolutely amazing to see the innovation that these employees create on top of Yahoo! technologies to expand and improve this company in such a meaningful and significant way.” (quote taken from Yodel Anecdotal's article)

    The event was a little different this quarter as there was pre-judging by the judges and

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  • This is WIT – Fabiola Addamo

    Fabiola Addamo

    Yahoo!'s Fabi Addamo

    This is the second in a series of profiles on Yahoo! Women in Technology members. WIT women and men come from all areas of the company and all functions. Their roles differ widely, but they have a common commitment to helping women succeed in their careers at Yahoo!.

    Meet WIT member Fabiola Addamo!

    WIT: Fabi, tell us how you came to Yahoo!.

    Fabi: It was a journey! I actually started out studying to be a pianist in my native Sicily, from ages 6 to 20, and added on law studies in parallel during college (my family wanted me to be a lawyer). But I found law was not my cup of tea, and I came to study in San Francisco in my mid-20s, majoring in Italian literature with a minor in Anthropology. I started working as a translator at a web services business, where I learned about computers, CRM, translation tools, and overall corporate business processes. I also learned the power of cross-functional networking there. Later, I moved to Google as a contractor,

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  • This is WIT – Irene Lai


    Yahoo!'s Irene Lai

    This is the first of a series of profiles on Yahoo! Women in Technology members. WIT women and men come from all areas of the company and all functions. Their roles differ widely, but they have a common commitment to helping women succeed in their careers at Yahoo!.

    Meet WIT member Irene Lai!

    Irene is an Internal Tools Engineering Manager in SE&O's Rewire group. She heads a team consisting of User Experience Design, Front End Engineering, Technical Documentation, and Tech Support, and has been with Yahoo! for 11 years.

    WIT: Irene, tell us how you came to Yahoo!.

    Irene: I was at UC Berkeley studying anthropology and was recruited by Yahoo! in 2001. It’s hard to believe that was 11 years ago! I first started working in Customer Care and was there about four years, supporting Membership and Account Services. In that role, I worked closely with the Legal, Privacy, Product Management, Security, and Abuse Prevention teams. I became more involved with the Abuse

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  • D&D[
    Yahoo Demos and Drinks 478

    Yahoos at Demos&Drinks

    Yahoo! CPG Cloud Services attracted an excellent turnout for an open-house Demos and Drinks evening on March 29, at our Sunnyvale headquarters. Pizza, beer, raffle prizes and great technology were the draw. A full crowd of both Yahoos and external guests were on hand as intro videos rolled, intermixing vignettes of product leaders and Yahoo!'s flash mob dancers.

    Yahoo's technical women had a big part in the evening's success! Shobana Radhakrishnan, Yahoo! Cloud Services Director of Program Management and Engineering Excellence, welcomed the attendees to the event and introduced Elissa Murphy, VP of Cloud Services, whose team hosted this event as a showcase of the cloud technology, a core piece of the Yahoo! technology infrastructure that powers all the Yahoo! applications users know and love…and also as an event to attract new recruits to Yahoo!'s most creative and fast-paced development groups. "Enjoy yourselves tonight," Elissa concluded; "We have food,

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  • D&D

  • YhoobldgDCalling all SF Bay Area Tech Gals! Are you interested in learning about the latest in cloud technology? Elissa Murphy, VP of Yahoo!’s Cloud Platform Group and Executive Sponsor of our Women in Technology program, invites you to join us for a very special evening.

    Yahoo! Cloud Services is hosting a Demos & Drinks event on March the 29th, 6 – 8PM at its Sunnyvale campus headquarters. Both Yahoos and external attendees are invited. Please join us for some pizza, demos and a tech-talk about some of Yahoo!'s exciting cloud technologies. This is a unique opportunity for you to get an inside look at the way we build one of the largest websites on the planet!

    Did you know that every page served, every news article, every ad and every e-mail on Yahoo! goes through our Cloud Services platforms? Cloud Services serve millions of requests per second and store petabytes of data around the globe. These systems store a variety of data that is used by applications such as personalization, user

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  • Tim_2468

    Tim Parsey

    Jessica Jensen_2537

    Jessica Jensen

    On March 20, Yahoo!'s Women in Technology group held its 2012 kickoff. We're a global group that, with 1100 members, is Yahoo!'s largest Employee Resource Group. We welcome Yahoo! women and men from across all company functions. Building on the successes of 2011, such as our Girl Geek dinners and partnership with the Anita Borg Institute, we enter 2012 with a great new executive sponsor, Yahoo! VP Elissa Murphy, and a full slate of planned activities. Co-presidents Kim Capps-Tanaka and Niru Anisetti opened the kickoff and introduced the keynote speakers, Tim Parsey, SVP of Design and Jessica Jensen, VP of Shine and Yahoo! Health.

    Both speakers have a fabulous sense of humor and an easy way with the audience - it was very enjoyable and informative. We started out with some background: Tim talked about some highlights of his amazing design career, which has even included designing bobsleds for the US Olympic team, in addition to his well-known stints at

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