New Update: Yahoo! Distribution of Hadoop

We have published multiple updates to the Yahoo! Distribution of Hadoop since it was announced in June. Each of these releases includes continuing bug fixes and feature backports to stabilize and enhance Hadoop for large scale deployments. Today we published our latest Yahoo! distribution of Hadoop 0.20.1.

You can checkout the complete set of changes we've included in today's distribution. Highlights include:

    • improving the robustness of the Capacity Scheduler (such as MAPREDUCE-532)
    • better support for memory intensive tasks (MAPREDUCE-516)
    • securing the task execution by running tasks as the job owner (HADOOP-4490)
    • numerous operability enhancements (such as HADOOP-5643)
    • performance improvements (such as HADOOP-3327)
    • increased metrics (such as HADOOP-5733)
    • many bug fixes

You should note that our GitHub repository has recently changed to track the Apache Hadoop project split that occurred a few months ago, when HDFS, MapReduce, and Common became separate sub-projects. As a result, those of you subscribed to watch the old repository will need to start watching the new repository. The old repository will remain in place, but will no longer be updated.

Nigel Daley
Quality and Release Engineering Manager
Hadoop Team